Sports Betting: Your Full Guide In Betting Football Games and Horse Racing Shows

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When it comes to sports betting, a lot of sports fans have been spending a lot of time, effort, and money in making sure that all bets they choose are going to generate a profit for them. At the same time, it has also given big ways of enjoyment to every sports viewer across the country.

That said, sports betting has gone a long way of reaching a wider audience compared to how the way it ran before. Sports betting, by the way, is simply placing a real amount of money waging a certain sporting event. This is the main reason why two of the most exciting sports betting event have been so popular in the entire world exists which are football and horse racing betting.

So today, as an avid football and horse racing fan who is excited to any football and horse racing events that are held big any given country, let’s take a look to the points which will be discussed below on what are the common types of football and horse racing bets you can join.

Betting on Football

These are the basic things you need to know how to bet for football.

Full-Time Result

The full-time result is the most popular type of betting when it comes to football sports which comes in two types which are the Asian Handicap and the 1X2 which is commonly called as Draw/Win/Lose bets.

In the course of 1X2 betting, you have the chance to bet a team that may win or a team who can end up a draw match. This is usually known as a 3-way process of betting.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is where the draw betting is no longer an option. Asian handicap betting is more likely to be considered as adding and subtracting goals score process. It means that a particular team is added a particular goal to win while the other team is handicapped by the same exact score which is added to a possibly winning team.

Half Time Betting

Another type of football betting is called half time. If you can bet for a full-time winner or draw match, you also have the ability to bet for the one who’s going to be ahead of goals during the halftime.

Betting on Horse Racing

Another type of popular sports betting event in horse racing.  Here are also the things you need to know to place a bet for a horse racing show. Bear in the mind that when it comes to horse racing, there are two types of betting and wagering you can enjoy which composes of the exotic and straight wagers.

Straight Wagers – this is a usual betting guide for beginners and the following are the subcategories of bets that fall under this type of horse betting.


It is where you bet the horse racing which will finish first in the race


It’s placing the first or second to finish the race.


It’s betting for a horse racer to end up as first, second, or third place.

Across the Board

It is simply the combination of the Win, Place, and Show betting

Exotic Wagers – is wagering in horse racing event where you can choose multiple horse racers in a single bet. In this way, it allows your chance of winning more; however, they are harder compared to the so-called straight wagers.


This is a popular betting scheme for handicapped horses wherein you should place a bet for horses to place either first or second. Compared to the type of betting mentioned above, the Exacta bet should be in the right and exact order for you to win.


Similar to place a bet, you can win if your horse bets place either second or first in any given order.


The trifecta is a harder type of horse racing betting option because it is where you place three bets and you have the make sure that your three bets should win the first, second, and third place in exact order.


One of the most difficult types of horse racing betting is the superfecta. It is where you should spend a lot of time scrutinizing all the horse racing odds because you need to make sure that your bets should come out as the first, second, third, and fourth place in the exact order.


As mentioned, sports betting is now a popular trend when it comes to enjoying and finding the value of sports. Also, the question on how to place a bet especially on two of the most popular sports betting which is football and horse racing stipulates a thorough study so you won’t go home without earning a profit from your bets.

Therefore, with the type of football and horse racing betting classified above, your chance of entering and choosing the right sports betting should give you a possibility of bringing home the most delicious bacon for your entire existence.

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