Key Stats As Stuttering Liverpool Limp To A 0-0 Against Man United

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Liverpool’s title challenge withstood another blow, just about, as the Reds were held to a goalless draw at Old Trafford. But what were the key stats from a pretty bleak afternoon at the home of our biggest rivals?

Goals Guaranteed?

Liverpool’s attack stuttered to a halt, producing their worst attacking performance of the season – their lowest xG with 0.38. Liverpool created zero big chances, with five of their seven shots coming from set-pieces, only four shots inside the box, and producing only their second goalless display of the season – after a 0-0 draw with City at Anfield.

It was a pretty damning indictment of the Reds that Joël Matip and Gini Wijnaldum’s two shots a-piece were a team high, with their highest xG shot falling to Mo Salah, as his free-kick from just outside the box was sent into Row Z.

That shot from a free-kick aside, Salah had no attacking influence whatsoever, with no other shots, no key passes only one successful dribble from three tries and being dispossessed six times. Likewise, Sadio Mané had no shots, no key passes, and 65% passing accuracy, although he did complete two of his three attempted dribbles.

Liverpool’s most potent attacking outlet ended up being James Milner – who created four chances and had a shot blocked – but that’s not to say that he played well. Milner created three chances inside the box from set-pieces, but none of them were decent chances, and Milner’s crossing success rate of 3/17 demonstrates that he had plenty of opportunities to put in decent balls into the box, and completely failed to do so the majority of the time.

Overall, very much a day to forget for Liverpool in the attack.

Hot And Cold Reds Lose Advantage

2019 has been a real mixed bag of a year so far for Liverpool, as they crashed out of the FA Cup, drew with Bayern Munich at Anfield and have let a seven-point lead at the top of the Premier League table be cut to one point. Overall, after winning eight straight games at the end of 2018, Liverpool have won just three of their nine games in this calendar year. And after winning seven in a row in the PL in December, January and February so far have seen Liverpool win three, draw three and lose to Man City. And although the three PL wins were good from an xG standpoint, the Reds’ xG difference has been less than 0.5 in the four games that they didn’t win, losing the xG battle to both Leicester and United.

The simple fact is that our form has been patchy since December, as it often is for Liverpool in January and February, and as we lurch into March, we need to find a win to secure some big wins quickly, with Watford in just three days’ time and a Merseyside Derby to contend with next weekend.

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  1. I love LFC but can someone please explain to me why Mo takes free kicks whe Milner is on the field? No disrespect Mo but have you ever scored a free kick? I’m asking cause I’m not sure not being an A$$. I know Milner has so why not let him smash the first one we had????

  2. Indeed John good point. Oh and why play Sturridge wide and bring Salah inside wouldn’t it have made more sense to have Mané and Salah switch then switch back throwing off the united defense. As a technical coach it is clear Mr. Klopp misses Mr. Buvac’ aka The Brain when they were a team. Hmmmmm wonder why that was the case????????

  3. One other thing that has me both mythed and pissed. Why doesn’t anyone tell Robertson TTA HENDERSON ALL TO JUST SHUT UP AND CONCENTRATE ON YOUR PLAY PLAY INSTEAD OF RUNNING THEIR COLLECTIVE TRAPS TO THE PRESS ALL THE TIME!!! All of their forms have dropped minus Henderson he’s almost always shite. If they payed attention to their game as much as they do running their mouths to the press they would have much better games!!!

  4. Don’t any have a sense of deja vu? I had said it before Klopp is a fantastic coach but under him we would win exactly nothing. He is not so bothered about winning titles, the man said so himself. He is more concerned about team harmony than winning. The United game had a LFC victory written all over it, even the gods are with us, 3 substitutions in under 30 minutes for United, their game strategies are all up in smokes but you would have thought we were the one in their shoes. United looks hungrier, had more purpose and with a bit of luck they could had won.
    For our team, for those who does not know better, it seems although we had the title all won, judging by their literally pedestrian nature towards the game. Barring Allisson, none of those on the field are fit to wear the shirt, especially Milner, Henderson, Mane and Salah. Milner especially. Klopp as usual are clueless about changing of strategies to take advantage of the situation, letting the hapless Milner playing instead of giving TAA a game towards the last 20 minutes or so. Lets get real, our bunch from Klopp down to the players are no title winners, i hope i am wrong but come May it would not be our name on that trophy.
    We had the most rest, play the least games and yet this is what they had to show. However i bet they are some fans who would defend Klopp and that too is another problem, we are very, very tolerant towards those who failed us time and again, Heck there were those who defended Rodgers!
    No wonder the United Manager were saying we are a “always next year” team, there are some measure of truth in it but hey, i bet it matters not to Klopp and any of the players. Howe we missed Rafa, Stevie and Carra


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