Player Ratings as Klopp keeps his balls off the table

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Training’s cancelled on Tuesday, sorry lads. Klopp’s got to go and attend a maths lesson, in order to learn that 1 win and 1 loss = 3 points, whereas 2 draws = 2 points.

Honestly, I understand the conservatism to an extent but we had Everton. We had them. Forget the second half for a moment, in the first 45 we had two or three excellent chances, they didn’t have a shot on target. They were bullied, pegged back and crowd quietened. And then, we started kicking the other way.

Adam Lallana for Mané? Milner on, but not for Henderson? Christ above. Good thing one particular player had a stormer, which brings us on to the ratings…

Virgil Van Dreamboat

Alisson Becker (7): Makes a couple of tidy saves, very proactive getting us on the counter-attack with quick releases. Good display from the Brazilian, another clean sheet to be proud of.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (7): A rare occasion where he was better defensively than going forward. Not to say he was poor in the attacking third, but his key moments came in being switched on to sweep away dangerous crosses.

Joel Matip (6): Mostly fine but had his feathers ruffled a few times and was fairly inept in bringing the ball out from the back with any sort of quality.

Virgil van Dijk (9): One-man band in terms of composure and leadership, had a head or leg on the end of absolutely everything could throw at him – and they threw a ton in the last half an hour. Player of the Year.

Andy Robertson (6): Fed up of him lately, to be honest. Has dropped a level or two from what we saw in the first half of the season, at exactly the wrong time. He wasn’t terrible, he just wasn’t the Andy Robertson we’re all in love with.

Nervous midfield?

Fabinho (6): Good in the first half with one particularly impressive pass to set Salah away, seemed to fade a little in the second half as the game got away from the Reds.

Jordan Henderson (6): A couple of good passes early on but hid as soon as the game got feisty. Should have been taken off.

Gini Wijnaldum (6): The midfield were all very 6/10, weren’t they? Why we didn’t change shape or at least introduce Keita I can’t really comprehend.

Salah disappoints

Mohamed Salah (5): I love you Mo, I really do. But you can’t miss all those chances and not expect a 5/10, regardless of how good your movement and touch is. Should have won us the game, will know that himself. Should’ve put it on a plate for Milner, too.

Sadio Mané (6): Can’t score backheels every game I guess.

Divock Origi (5): Didn’t work for him today. Tried and tried but I can’t rate him above Salah.


Roberto Firmino (6): One excellent ball in for Mané. Looked lively, probably could have played the full 90.

James Milner (5): Poor.

Adam Lallana (N/A): Honestly. Really. Lallana?

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  1. I am not surprised at all, dont we all see it coming? City grinds out wins every week while we can win 5-0 one day and goes on to draw a few the next.
    Klopp is a fantastic trainer but there is a reason why he has the most runners up medal compared to his rival. We at LFC have a peculiar problem over the past few years, we have a manager that does not prioritise winning titles, his players seems to share this mentality and last but not least, sections of the fan base are ever so eager to make excuses for Klopps failure. During home games we sees giant banners of Klopp but come on, is he a legend, what had he won? Rafa i understand but Klopp?
    Players like Salah or Bobby has exactly no incentive to deliver weekly. Why should they when they see the bench and only Origi and Sturridge is there? Guess who is responsible for this? The often repeated mistakes that Klopp made in the past 3 years, top coaches like Pep would never make them.
    City now has the momentum, they would lift the trophy. And next year with more competition coming from rejuvanated United, Gunners and Chelski, we would be lucky to be in top 4.
    Yeap, another year with Klopp another trophyless year, why should we be surprised? These days we are no club with ambition, Klopp, our fans and ex players are happy to be also rans. Boy i had been a fan since the 80s, how times had changed.
    At least over at United, their fans still expect manager to win titles.

  2. Ok now I’m gonna let you have it Li cause you obviously don’t watch the games. Alisson a 7.5 -8 neither TTA nor Robinson were better than Matip and neither were more than a 5. Matip ran the ball forward better than any of our midfielders. While Fabinho had another stellar performance even with that anchor Henderson on the field. Salah misses 7-8 chances yet he stays on Origi should have been subbed at the half. Mane worked his A$$ of and gets subbed???? Henderson is a total waste of space. Oh and don’t forget our leader Mr. If I fail I fail a grade of 2
    Naby ,Bobby ,Daniel ,and Shaqiri on the bench all goal scores and you use Lallana????

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