The Most Colorful 2019 Kentucky Derby Festival: How To Enjoy The Racing Show

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The Kentucky Derby which deems to be the most loved and popular horse racing in America is set to start few less than two weeks. Surely, the race track of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky will once again be filled with festive colors with a horse racing theme. The Kentucky Derby serves as the first leg of the U.S Triple Crown series followed by Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

Technically, when you hear a Kentucky Derby word, you’ll initially think of thoroughbred horse racers, jockeys, trainers, and dirt track. While this may be true, the Kentucky Derby doesn’t only talk about racing, but it also refers to all the Kentucky Derby activities as a whole. To be honest, it is also a celebration of huge hats the ladies wore in the Kentucky Derby red carpet, a big blanket of roses being draped to the champions of the derby, and the action you must witness during the first two minutes of the show.

Whatever your reason seems to look, the Kentucky Derby is something you must not miss this year. The Kentucky Derby will hold its 145th anniversary and according to most horse racing fans, this will be the most festive event aside from the fact that this will be attended by the strongest horse racers across the country. Thus, if you are planning to spend your vacation leaves in Churchill Downs on May 4, these are the things you need to include your itinerary to fully enjoy the amazing derby festival.

Wear Your Fanciest Derby Hats

If you look into the previous images taken by professional photographers of the entire Kentucky Derby history, you’ll see that almost 80% of the crown wears the fanciest hats. Not only that, they even slay it in the Kentucky red carpet showing off how they love so much the “Run for the Roses” festival.

There is no particular hats style you should wear. As long as it relates to a horse racing them and you can carry to it then no one should stop you from wearing it. The bigger and the fancier the hat, the more essential the Kentucky Derby will seem to look.

Partying the Infield Fest

It’s one of the most colorful parties that Kentucky Derby holds. The Infield Fest is done after the opening day of the Kentucky Derby where celebrities are mostly taking part in this celebration. This is also attended by top rated DJs playing upbeat music to set the mood of the racing show. Take note that it’s the best party moment you can take part to fully enjoy the fun in the Kentucky Derby.

Singing the Theme Song

The theme song of the Kentucky Derby entitled “My Old Kentucky Home” was composed by Stephen Foster way back in 1852. Since then, this theme song is played before the racing starts. It is played with the help of the marching bank from the University of Louisville. It also serves as the official song of the State of Kentucky.

The Millionaire’s Row

One most essential purpose of the Kentucky Derby is the betting game you can join. Take note that the Kentucky Derby comes in various betting categories and prize at stake are big especially there are Kentucky Derby TVG Promos available for the derby where you can bet. This is also the main reason why the Kentucky Derby has a special row and seat assignment for bettors that comes in millions of amounts in their bankroll. They are playing an important role in the betting game as they provide huge betting profits that everyone can also enjoy. Their seat assignments are also surrounded by tight security to ensure that there will be no commotion happening upon the betting game.

The Mint Julep

It’s the official drink of the Kentucky Derby Festival. It’s an alcoholic drink composed of bourbon, sugar, and mint. This has a moderate alcohol content and if you are witnessing the action-packed show, it is great to take a sip of this drink.

This is also often enjoyed by all visitors during the Infield Fest as they enjoy dancing in the upbeat music played by popular DJs. Take note that you should drink moderately because excessive drinking of Mint Julep might get you drunk. Always drink in moderation.

The Kentucky Derby Race

The most important event of the Kentucky Derby Festival and the true essence of the derby is the race itself. As mentioned, the Kentucky Derby is attended by three-year-old thoroughbred horse racers all competing in Grade 1 Stakes category. In fact, this year seems to be the most exciting racing show because a lot of strong contenders are joining and betting is more fun.

If you would like to witness the colorful “Run for the Roses” this year, make sure to grab your tickets now and reserve a good seat so you’ll not miss any single event.

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