Player ratings as Liverpool humiliate Barcelona

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Just had a big cry. A big massive cry. A happy cry, though. Never had that sensation before in my 20 years on this planet, not particularly shocked that it’s football that finally brings it out.

These Reds. This gang of lads, a bunch that simply don’t know when to quit. They’ve taken Lionel Messi’s Barcelona, hungrier than they have been in years for a Champions League title, and taken them to task in possibly the greatest night Anfield has ever seen.

History has yet to write whether or not Jurgen Klopp and his men will pick up European Cup number six, in the city of the side that ousted them last year, but it can’t take tonight away from us.

Here are your ratings.

Resisting the urge to give everyone a 10…

Alisson (9): Absolutely herculean. I best get the thesaurus out because describing these lads with any kind of variety could prove a struggle. Our Brazilian beauty made save after save, never giving Barcelona  chance to stick away a rebound, dominated in the air and barely put a foot wrong.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (10): Yeah. There’s your ten. I’d say sends Coutinho back to Barcelona with his tail between his legs, but sending him back to Espanyol seems more appropriate. Everyone’s banging on about his assist for the winner but that one for Wijnaldum is world class in terms of technique. The one after, world class in terms of vision and coolness. Over 50,000 people in the stadium and he’s the only one that know he’s about to set up a history making strike.

Joel Matip (9): Superb against Suarez. Superb against Messi. Superb against literally any challenge Barcelona thought they might throw against our second choice centre-half.

Virgil van Dijk (10): Asdfghjkl. This man could legitimately win the Balon d’Or. Impeccable at the back all night, like Matip. What gets VVD his 10/10 is that organisation in the last ten minutes, post fourth goal. Liverpool park their bus into the perfect space and that’s because Van Dijk is at the wheel, conducting each and every player around him into the perfect position. Barcelona create nothing as a result.

Andy Robertson (8): 7/10 performance before he goes off but it’s 9/10 snide. The little ruffle of Messi’s hair, arguing back with Suarez. Robertson being injured by Suarez so that Wijnaldum simply had to come on and score twice was poetic.

Out Busqueting Busquets…

Fabinho (9): 75 minutes against the greatest player of all time and the greatest shithouser of all time whilst on a yellow card, doesn’t put a foot wrong. Never looks like getting sent off, ever. Excellent on the ball at slowing the game down when it needed so.

Jordan Henderson (9): Run Jordan, run! He sprints at them, he tackles, he passes. He sprints again, tackles again, passes again. An absolute nuisance if ever there was one. Barcelona couldn’t handle him, they hadn’t a clue. Gets a 10 if he can get his head up and find Sturridge for 5-0.

James Milner (8): His tears at the end, I feel you, James. Puts a shift in whilst in midfield and then I’m wincing as he’s moved to left-back, more fool me.

Georginio Wijnaldum (9): Might be the first time I’ve given a substitute a nine, arsed? Absolutely wallops his first one in and then leaps like a salmon for the second, unbelievable. Maybe the most press-resistant lad you’ve ever seen. Maybe the best arse you’ve ever seen. Definitely the best ‘sends four Barcelona players for the Echo’ you’ve seen.

Divock Origi, cult hero

Xherdan Shaqiri (8): Underhit pass. Underhit pass. Underhit pass. Brilliant pass curled expertly onto Wijnaldum’s head. Get in, Shaq.

Sadio Mané (9): This bloke. He’d like you to know that he likes playing with his mates Bobby and Mo, but he needs you to know that he doesn’t need them. Absolutely terrorises the Barcelona defence, quite often leading the line on his own. What a season he’s having.

Divock Origi (10): Yeah, of course he’s getting a 10. If Liverpool win something this season he may go down as the biggest cult hero the club has ever had. Great finish x2. Almost tried to no-look the winner, that’d have been a laugh.

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  1. F@*^#%ing awesooommmmeee!

    Give them all 10s!!!
    Not a night to be holding back anything!

    So I am gonna argue for 10s.


    Alison kept us in the game! That one save alone is worth a 10, let alone the others.

    Matip bossed it in defence and brought the ball out in his trademark direct runs. He was an outlet as much as VvD when Barca tried to press up high, calmly Cooly passing our way out of their press. Awesome! Against Barca!!’

    Robbo absolutely deserved a 10 if not for plays but for his roughing up of the Barca boys, never giving an inch and letting them know they are in for it, verbally, as much as physically. Messi could have scored if he wasn’t ruffled by Robbo (and Anfield).

    Fabinho was absolutely destructive. His destructive force was often “in your face” up high the field even higher than hendo or Milly at times, and he got his tackles right. He “took” his falls when he needed to, slowing the game down and killing time n Barca spirit in the process cos he’s smart about it. Give the guy a 10 just for having to deal w Messi and getting the job done.

    Hendo. Those who know my comments know I don’t take too kindly to put captain but for his sheer agrression in a position where he. An make full use of, sets up the tempo of the game with the high press resulting in the first goal! C’mon he was everywhere, he ain’t got the skill to always Carry out what his mind thinks but his tenacity alone won half the game but putting off the Barca boy’s into making mistakes. No time on the ball to think. And the balls and steel to fight on with the “injury”. Whoever sees a captain fighting giving his body and all for the cause, give the man a 10.

    Gini- 2 goals,should be nuff said right there for a 10. But the sheer determination to snatch the ball out of the goalie w no time for celebration; for work is to be done? If not for that then at least for the smile he carried after the equaliser and the joy! Give the man a 10!

    Milly- goes about his work like a pro! Would Gini have come on if Milly was not on the pitch? Because we have Milly, then we have the possibilities, never underestimate the possibilities, a change can do. Gini w 2 goals, cos Milly covered L.B and did it to no incidents even highlighting the importance of Milly ! 10!

    Shaq. I love the guy. Yea a few passes selling short but he chased them back. But was an assist! He almost has Mane in on goal too if not for a last ditch Barca defending. He was picking them and that after being out of the team, to come in and perform immediately? His movement towards the corner that led every Barca player to believe he was gonna take it before Trent had other ideas. What more can Shaq be asked of?

    Mane- damnit the guy ran his socks off! Held off the Barca defence. Ran at them from like a dog chasing a bone and they never rested. They couldn’t. A few good skills to keep the ball. Even running at them in the last minutes with the Sturridge thru ball. Has them in tatters if not for shape then in mind at least.

    Give in to your self and trust yourself to give them all a bloody 10 for the best night Anfield has seen in ages.


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