He reminds us that Brewster took control of his own destiny by leaving Chelsea at the age of 14, concerned that the club would not harness his potential. That decision is about to pay-off.

Former U23 boss Mike Garrity echoed these sentiments, applauding Brewster for remaining ‘level-headed’.

‘He is a down to earth kid,’ Garrity noted, ‘And he has got a family that keep his feet firmly on the ground.’

His attitude has also impressed Klopp, who declared in February, before Brewster had turned 19, that he had truly become ‘a man’ as he worked tirelessly to return from a serious ankle injury which, for others, may have been an insurmountable setback.

But Klopp’s answers to questions about his star-in-the-making are also marked by a restless excitement.

‘We will have a lot of fun with him,’ he remarked in the winter, no doubt with a grin. A couple of months later, he promised that there was ‘so much to come’ and insisted that the door was ‘wide open’ for his ascent to the first-team. For years he has been waiting to unleash this supremely talented individual, and now he is ready.

We know the importance placed upon character in Klopp’s team. It was clear for all to see last season after a succession of victories earned not through quality but through an unparalleled team spirit.

And quite apart from football, Brewster has developed a profound maturity.

Two years ago, he personally sought out an interview with a major national newspaper to discuss the several instances of racism he had faced. Journalist Daniel Taylor wrote of a ‘courage that goes beyond his years’ and of a remarkable honesty which left senior figures at Anfield full of pride and admiration.

Brewster is no starry-eyed kid, he is, as Klopp says, a man who has bravely faced great adversity and already made himself a role model for the youngsters to follow.

Some have questioned his worthiness for a Champions League winners’ medal and expressed unease as he continued to bear it proudly, and whilst he played no part in the road to Madrid, his involvement in the celebrations with his soon-to-be teammates will have significantly increased his sense of belonging at the top level.

Klopp has a habit of insisting that players returning to the fold after injury are like new signings. Often that claim meets scorn but in the case of Brewster, sidelined for virtually the entirety of the 18/19 season, it might actually be appropriate.

This season, Liverpool welcome into their ranks a prodigious talent any club in Europe would be glad to have their hands on. It’s worth getting excited about.