Champions League or Premier League: Should Liverpool be prioritising?

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Liverpool fans were most likely sick of being asked this question towards the tail end of last season, but it’s one that this year takes on an entirely different meaning.

When asked at a press conference whether he would rather lift the Premier League or Champions League trophy at the end of the season, Jordan Henderson replied: “Both.”

Now, a little over 100 days after Liverpool’s captain lifted the iconic European Cup to join a plethora of legends at Anfield, the Champions League kicks off again, with the Reds once more in a promising and strong position domestically.

While the season is still in its infancy, it already looks as though Klopp’s side will be pushing all the way until May to win their elusive first league title since 1991.

Five wins from their first five fixtures sees them top with a five point lead over last season’s champions Manchester City.

And they do this as European champions – thus making them a hotly tipped favourite to go far in Europe’s elite competition again this time around.

So, should that question get asked as to which trophy Liverpool would rather win again this year, there may well be a bit of thinking to do.

While all silverware is welcomed with open arms and the players, fans, coaches and everyone associated with the club would rather win everything available to them, sometimes this isn’t achievable.

Since getting their hands on old big ears in June, has Liverpool’s quench for European glory been quenched for a while?

While we’d love to be crowned Europe’s best for the seventh time after reaching a third successive final, if you were to ask some fans (potentially myself included) if they’d rather sacrifice a run in Europe for domestic success, they’d be quite likely to agree to it.

Now this is not me saying that Klopp should write off the Champions League in its entirety. That would be foolish to the nth degree.

It’s a hypothetical scenario that does, however, suggest two things:

1. The undying desire to become league champions again after so long remains a fire that will only be tamed by lifting the Premier League trophy.

2. Should Liverpool still be competing for all three domestic trophies and the Champions League after Christmas, will one or two be sacrificed?

I don’t think that anyone who says that prioritising trophies doesn’t happen in football is naive – and there will be an element of this come the second half of the season should Liverpool still be competing on numerous fronts.

But if a choice came down to the league or a European title, it’s an impossible decision to make.

Given Liverpool’s rich history in European competition, it will always be a competition that takes great importance in any season. But should it compromise the quest for the Holy Grail of a league title, would it be something that the club could let slide?

I doubt it. But what it will do is force Klopp and the management team is choose between the bigger and more minor competitions.

The two biggest prizes up for grabs every season should never be put on the back burner, but there would inevitably be kick back that more force was not put into one should there be more chance of winning come the end of the season.

So here’s my take: we don’t prioritise one of these two competitions over the other. But if it’s Premier League glory over a good FA Cup run, I’m having that league title.

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  1. Pick the team that can win the games.

    Whether its the FA cup or Premier League or whatever, pick the team that can win the game.

    To suggest a priority is to suggest LFC do not have the players to win the games. If LFC do not have the players to win the games, then LFC simply do not deserve to win them.

  2. That’s a ridiculous statement.

    Picking the best players to win a game will mean that the best players are continually played until they can play no more at the same level. Then the lesser player is brought in for a potentially more difficult game where they could be shown up.
    That ensures only massive squads will win out, burning out your best team because you dont have the money to rotate is not the best path to glory

  3. That’s a ridiculous reply considering that LFC does not need all the best players to be on the pitch to win games. It’s more insane and idiotic to make it sound like with only the best players on the pitch can LFC win games when LFC have had to play without it’s best players before (and still win games). See the Barcelona semi final 2018 as an example.
    Take for example, MK Dons, pick players that can win that game does not necessarily mean to pick the best players. LFC have many other players that can win that game without it’s best players on the pitch.

    Think a little more next time Gedly, LFC does not need to play its best players for all the games. It just needs to pick the players that can win the game. This does not burn out a our best team but in fact gives it the much needed recuperation it needs.
    If LFC cannot pick the players that can win the game against a team like MK Dons without giving some rest to first team starters, then goes back to my end statement, LFC simply don’t deserve to win them.


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