The Path to Alexander-Arnold’s Success from An Ordinary Teenager to A Liverpool Star

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Trent Alexander Arnold’s success has taken him from being an ordinary teenager to becoming a widely acclaimed football star. At just 21, Alexander Arnold plays for Liverpool FC and has even represented his country, England, in the world cup.

Much of his success is owed to his extreme dedication to the sport and his mother’s dedication to his education. Even while training, this great football star carried his studies through with him, parallel to his sports career. Alexander Arnold has all the help he needs, though.

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Alexander Arnold’s Dedication to Education

Being a staple in the Liverpool team, Alexander Arnold has struggled to reach where he is today education-wise. He graduated high school with a total of 9 GCSE’s under his belt. He took two of these when training in Belgium. During this time, Alexander Arnold’s family and the school arranged for private tutorials that he could take to accommodate his schedule.

While GCSE’s are a tough nut to crack, university degrees are even tougher. If Alexander Arnold were to pursue a university-level degree while simultaneously training with Liverpool, he would certainly need extra help.

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Balancing School and Sports

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The Reason Behind Alexander Arnold’s Success

One of the reasons Alexander Arnold has achieved so much success is due to his prioritization of education. He keeps himself in touch with the education sector because of the unshakable foundation his parents have set up for him. Through the years, he has developed an affinity towards books, professors, and schools. His family strongly believes that success comes with education.

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Alexander Arnold’s success stems from his hard work. Without working for it, we cannot achieve anything. Alexander Arnold also cites the constant support of his elder brother as a factor that contributed towards his success. To make sure he had something to fall back upon, his parents encouraged him to commit to completing his education.

He also comments that if he were not playing for Liverpool, he would likely have been pursuing an education in “something sports-related.” This would have been a great way for him to combine two important aspects of his life into one mould: education and sports! The young athlete also states that the most important thing for him is his education, especially because of the importance his family places in it.

Alexander Arnold’s family believes that success can be found through excellence in education. They advise that all students keep their heads in the study game and work hard to secure a great job in the future. His family supported his football career but never let him quit on his schooling. The ultimate result was that the athlete graduated high school with 9 GCSEs and impeccable grades. Now that his schooling is complete, he plays as a professional league footballer for Liverpool FC.

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