Melwood Partially Reopens to Allow Liverpool to Train While Practicing Social Distancing

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The rest of the matches of this year’s English Premier League was put into a halt since March 13 due to the threat that the 2019 coronavirus carries. Since then, the matches and training have all been cancelled, and everyone didn’t have a solid idea as to when it will all resume.

The football fanatics and even the players and everyone else involved in the league have surely been sad about what happened, but at the same time, it’s also a good thing as it is for the safety of the people. It’s simply anti-climactic for many fans and punters who were looking forward to placing their bets on Tipico and other betting sites for the rest of the matches.

However, it’s becoming more apparent that the Premier League will be back by mid-June. Specifically, the league is hoping to have its return on June 12, but this still remains uncertain. Another meeting between the League and the football clubs involved will take place after the announcement of the government regarding the lockdown in the country.

Now, even if the date of the return of the Premier League remains uncertain, a few clubs have already resumed their training. For Liverpool, Melwood has been partially reopened to allow the team to train while practising social distancing.

What’s true is that the Liverpool players have been training since the lockdown but they were doing this in isolation. Each of them has its own challenges while training to be sure that they don’t get rusty once the matches are back on.

They would also train as a team and they do this via Zoom conference calls. They are basically working from home. Training is just really something that they can’t afford to stop doing even if their matches are postponed.

Initially, Melwood didn’t close right away and injured players were allowed to use the place to train, but when the lockdown restrictions became clearer and concise, they chose to close the premises until further notice.

It was just recently or this week when Melwood was reopened for them to use. The reopening of this training ground is basically the start of the remaining days that the team has when it comes to training here because they are set to move to a better training place in Kirkby later this year. However, this may still be moved as the construction of this 50 million-pound training field is also put into a halt because of the lockdown. Either way, the team will still be moving once the place is finished.

Right now, the activities that can be allowed on the premises are limited to an hour’s worth of running. Only three players will be allowed to do this at a time. There is also no coaching staff present there at the moment. Only the medical department is allowed to accompany the players. They are stationed from a distance as they watch the players run and train.

The training facilities in Melwood are still not open, but still, a few players have already decided to take advantage of the availability of the field to run. It has been tough for them to continue running from home or make use of the parks or the pavements. There are many distractions there because people do recognize the players and they get so much attention from the public.

The opening training facilities and the availability of the coaching staff will only be allowed once the government finally lifts the lockdown restrictions. They are hoping that they will be soon allowed to go back to training without much restrictions like how Germany allowed the training for Bundesliga players. Bundesliga is set to restart on May 16.

Liverpool rems to be motivated and in high spirits. This is especially because they are only six points away from winning their first league title since 1990. This win is means 30 years of waiting and fighting. It’s definitely going to be a big day for the team.

No matter what happens, Liverpool will be crowned as champions once all the matches are over. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin talked about this and said, “I see no way Liverpool would end up without the title. If it is played, theoretically they are not yet guaranteed, but practically it is decided. And if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce results.”

He added, “I do not see a scenario where it would not be Liverpool. I understand that fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even at a boardroom table, but I believe they will win the title one way or another.”

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