The thrill of sports betting – how to bet on Liverpool FC

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Red Devils fans all over the world are rejoicing: football is out of lockdown and the games are back on. Yet it all looks a little different: empty stands, canned atmosphere added to TV commentaries and clips of fans cheering from their front rooms. It’s not quite the same as being there, in person, at Old Trafford experiencing the atmosphere and exhilaration of a live match.

So how can you, as a fan, inject some buzz into the game? How can you bring back that thrill and exhilaration of watching a match from the edge of your seat?

Well, one answer is to take up online betting and transform your passion for Liverpool FC into profit, using your football knowledge to infuse excitement into each game and generate income at the same time. And it’s actually not that difficult – the key is to have a clear strategy to make sure you minimise your risk.

Matched betting

A great starting strategy is to use matched betting because it’s pretty much risk-free. The system works by using free promotional bets and placing two bets – one bet that Liverpool FC win (the back bet) and one bet that they won’t (the lay bet). And if the match ends in a draw then the lay bet wins – which means that whatever the score, you win. By repeating the process during the next game, you then make a profit because you use your previous winnings to fund the bet.

Moving on

Once you’ve got the hang of sports betting using the matched bet strategy, there are many other ways of upping the excitement level, using your skill and knowledge of Liverpool FC’s past and current form. Look at the home and away statistics, the number of goals, draws and performance of individual players. Using all this information you could look at another popular betting strategy known as over/under betting.

The over/under method is where you bet on whether the result is over or under a certain score, and this is where the statistics come in. So, if the Premier League’s average is 2.55 goals per game and Liverpool FC’s is 1.55 then you simply need to know the average for the opposing team and decide if the score will be over or under. Many bookmakers have extended this to betting on other elements such as throw-ins, corners or even the number of cards given during a game. The key to being successful here is knowing your statistics and doing plenty of research.

Accumulate your wealth

Another popular football betting strategy is using accumulators because you only need a small stake to start with, but the payout at the end can be substantial. With the accumulator strategy, you are betting on the result of a series of events such as Liverpool FC’s full season in the Premier League or rounds of the Champions’ League or FA Cup. The more rounds you add to the accumulator, the better the odds and the higher the payout. Of course, this is set against the potential risk of losing as you only need one event (leg) to fail in order to lose your bet but the rewards are much greater than betting on each match individually.

Wait, there’s more!

There are numerous options available for football fans and what you choose really depends on your risk level. Examples include betting on who the goal scorers will be, how many goals each will score, half-time and full-time scores, double chance (betting on two out of three outcomes) and, if you enjoy the thrill of live betting, there is the option for last-minute bets to really up the adrenaline levels!

Dealing with the unpredictable

However, like most things in life, nothing is guaranteed and sports betting can be unpredictable. So it’s really important to know the level of risk that you are comfortable with and find a method to match – whether that’s matched betting to start with or going all-out for last-minute bets in the middle of a live game. You could try small stakes with different strategies to see what works best for you and get to know how betting works.


Sports betting gives the game a different meaning and helps you to really connect with players – something that football fans everywhere have lost out on now that they can no longer attend matches in person. It brings in a new challenge and air of excitement to what has become a little bit dull for us since the pandemic took hold. Give it a try – you never know, the next time the Red Devils win, so could you – celebrations all round!

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