The Super League: What Happens Next

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The Super League…

It’s literally the same process that saw the Premier League breakaway from FA so they could make their own deals and build a marketable enterprise. The rebranding of the Champions League from the European Cup format was for similar financial gain and a now theres a move (that was never a secret) to separate in part from UEFA so that more money hits the larger teams directly via a Super League, and it’s guaranteed money and participation for some.

No players or clubs will get banned, no points will be deducted and no ones getting relegated. The money men will pull their PL lucrative deals if the major components are expelled, so that’s not an option for anyone.

Compromise will be met, eventually, and either FIFA & UEFA get on board, or they won’t, but a resolution will be met and all will continue with either a new rebranded European format or a renegotiated Champions League. The English top tier will continue with all teams present & the biggest franchises will continue to prosper, just the route of the prize for finishing top may alter, which would be sorted in some way as the compromise, which I’m sure will materialize. The people who are brokering this are no fools and will have a means for all objections that meet their needs, guaranteed. The participants will increase, entry for league winners assured and multiple leagues will be created if it were to happen.

Greed is rife everywhere, top to bottom, from the terrace to the boardroom. Every football fan that demands major signings from their chairman, this squad overhaul or that manager paid off & sacked then this player retained on huge wages and then slaughtered all helps drive this level of greed by their actions. Cause & effect.

We lost control of football in 1992 when the PL was created, and we demanded the best throughout, which requires huge amounts of money.

Careful what you wish for.

Steven Smith

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