Chelsea 2 – 2 Liverpool – The Player Ratings

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Caoimhin Kelleher – 8.0

Could do little for the goals, and was assured throughout. A very good backup to Becker, and given the circumstances, should be proud of his showing. Great stop from Pulisic early on.

Trent Alexander Arnold – 7.0

Another assist for this sensational player, and further showing of his overall game. Solid in defence and elegant in possession.

Kostas Tsimikas – 7.0

A constant outlet and willing runner. This game only lacked some more danger in delivery, and knowing his capacity to find targets, make that a need in such games.

Virgil Van Dijk – 7.0

Not his usual level of performance, and such lofty expectations will be picked apart by some. Similar to his partner, yet more dominant aerially. The high line looked tough to manage today, with only one midfielder playing.

Ibrahima Konate – 6.5

Booked for being big, though his physical attributes again needed for repel counters off the high line. Neither great nor bad, and a sound learning experience within such an electric game.

Fabinho – 7.5

A midfield held together by one man, and against this level of opposition it was tough. Good work and screening, but simply needs more support when Thiago is not dominating with him.

James Milner – 5.5

Looked slow and every inch his near 36 years of age. At 2-0 up it should have been about control, and he lost his head to gift the chance of Chelsea’s first goal. A final period substitute is his only beneficial role, and starting such games simply isn’t viable in 2022.

Jordan Henderson – 5.0

Struggling once more against effective and structured midfields, and simply doesn’t know how to add control to proceedings. Fabinho needs more support, as his captain simply isn’t adding anything consistently.

Sadio Mane – 7.0

Looked pumped, and got his goal with a well taken effort. Kept trying to work openings, but avenues were often closed out. A sore miss through AFCON. Subbed.

Diogo Jota – 5.5

Thiago Silva had him controlled for much of the game, and showed he may struggle within games where the reds are not dominant. The odd good moment aside, he struggled to impact.

Mohamed Salah – 7.5

What a goal, what a threat. His ability to take players out of contests is absurd, and 25 goal involvements is why he is the worlds greatest player. Contract needs sorting, and a huge miss through AFCON.


Naby Keita – 6.0

Should be starting. A beautiful talent and controller in Thiago was missing, and if Naby is fit, Naby should be playing.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 5.0

Didn’t know where to be, and did little in his time on the pitch.

Curtis Jones – 5.0

Came on late as can score from distance.

The Manager;

Pep Lijnders – 6.0

Who was making decisions (in game) is irrelevant, as Naby Keita not starting this game was a mistake by Klopp. Covid is troubling for all, but to see both Milner and Henderson start ahead of the little Guinean is beyond strange. Decisions have to be made about how to improve this midfield, as Fabinho and Thiago appear the only players able to control games, with Naby apparently not trusted. The subs seemed odd, and though Jota was struggling against Thiago, a switch with Mane would have been more sensible, instead of Ox.

Manchester City won the weekend battle, again.

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  1. Very generous with the ratings there I see. It feels as though we watched a different game entirely, because the game I watched only had 4 players getting above a 6; and those players are Kelleher, Mane, Salah and Konate. The rest were below what is required at this level to win anything. Most of the players were passengers (shockingly- Fabinho was dreadful.) cruising to a nice salary while being carried by the four players I just mentioned. In terms of saying Van Dijk has lofty standards, it is important for the sake of our progress as a team that we do not laud him with undeserved praise. He is very slow in releasing passes, he loves sideways and backwards passes(except for the rare diagonal) and when we are chasing games, he has absolutely no understanding of urgency. We over-glorify him, yet he is one of the main reasons we have been losing of late. Yesterday was the most glaring example of this. It is also mind boggling how Trent gets any praise for his performance yesterday. He is consistently inconsistent, erratic and is becoming worse with his passing and reading of the game. His schoolboy mistake almost cost us a goal and his poor pass of a header to Salah, is one of the reasons we conceded the second goal yesterday. No disrespect but I feel we can be too nice with our team, and anyone who points out the opposite is usually labelled a plastic fan, couch supporter, or imposter belonging to another team. But in the end, such strong opposition to any alternative views or criticism will only breed mediocrity. As a team we are just not learning from our mistakes at all. We will be back with another abject performance soon, led by a captain who panics on the ball, is good at shouting at others but doesn’t improve himself, loves his sideways and back passes, is afraid to be with the ball, cant look up before passing and literally runs around looking busy but not actually being effective. He wiil be encouraged by a manager who usually unravels at this time of the year; looking for every excuse in the book for our capitulation, even though he is actually paid millions to come up with contingency plans and problem solve. Yet all in all, we as supporters will help paper over the cracks by being so polite with our assessment of things. Anyways, I am simply sharing my thoughts respectfully and not looking for an online fight with anyone, especially fellow reds. Happy New year all. YNWA

  2. So JORDAN HENDERSON was below what he deserved???? Baffled by that. He was the blame for both goals. The first whom was he marking and why did he go over there and leave a man on the edge of our box with no one to challenge for the ball that more times than not ends on the edge of the box in some capacity???? I truly don’t understand our mark space philosophy as we have center back over 6 feet tall and they seldom win a header defensively or in attack. Matip heads the ball like it has spikes on it. I miss Skirts yes I said it I MISS HIM. He most definitely got a raw deal from our club and especially the fans. Ok now for the second who was supposed to be tracking pulisc none other that the captain which he did not and we paid dearly for it. Stop protecting him and others that dont do their jobs on a regular and trust me I have a whole lot to say about our defensive coach who needs to be fired


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