The Salah Ultimatum

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I want Mohamed Salah to sign a new contract with Liverpool, as he’s the world’s best player, performing to the peak of his powers. He is perhaps the most remarkable signing in Liverpool’s history, and the success that has been garnered (during his stay), is as much to do with him as anyone else.

This last week has seen Liverpool fans made aware of his contract stalemate, and the fact that a new one remains unsigned. The numbers are relatively unknown, but the ballpark of £400k per week (supposedly wanted) is probably accurate, if a little high in its accuracy. How FSG approach this situation offers many variables, and decisions that clearly have to be considered. By accepting the demands of one player, could open up the notion of others wanting vastly higher wages. Could anyone really not debate that Ali, Trent, Virgil, Fab & Thiago are not world class, and would they not deserve close to parity with Mo…? It’s a tricky situation, and the reality of operating under both responsible and respected owners. We are seeing right now how a tricky ownership can severely effect a world class club, and Liverpool right now are succeeding in their own model of stewardship, but that brings with it certain apparent truths.

If I were writing this two months ago, the drum would be beating pretty heavily in Mo’s favour. I’m pretty sure I would have written something to that effect (at some point recently in fact), but now that a certain Luis Diaz has arrived, I’m perhaps less fearful of a life without Mohamed Salah. Liverpool are a club that have been able to identify brilliant talent under the Klopp regime, and it would be foolish to believe that they couldn’t survive without the Egyptian. Luis Suarez and Phil Coutinho moved on, and despite the stumbles here and there, Liverpool grew as an entity and into undeniable brilliance.

When considering the potential departure of a player, we automatically begin to consider the replacement player that would come in. All fans love speculation, and while I still believe Sadio Mane could be the one that eventually leaves, it would be foolish not to accept Mo could be the one that departs. At RB Salzburg, we have witnessed Karim Adeyemi burst onto the scene this season. His talent is immense, his availability clear, and he could be seen as a viable alternative. Anthony of Ajax is an interesting player, who could also be seen as a player about to explode. His skill set and explosive nature make him desirable, and his Brazilian heritage would fit nicely at Anfield. Raphina is a star that shines bright as Leeds, amongst the absolute football horror show around him, and would be a versatile player that would also mould into this squad. As I remarked, there are always options out there, and though the short term pain (of Mo leaving) could be significant, Luis Diaz would certainly help ease the burden. Despite the allure of all the players mentioned, Christopher Nkunku would be the absolute ideal signing, with an ability to play anywhere within the final third. His potential is limitless, and his versatility also sees him able to operate as an 8 to an elite level.

No Liverpool fan wants to see Mohamed Salah leave, and his own desire to stay should see the Reds reach an agreement. The offers from the likes of PSG will no doubt be absurd, and this will surely test the players loyalty. The coming weeks should be focused purely on their attempts to add further silverware this season, and such a distraction is possibly harming the Egyptian’s form. A resolution needs to found one way or another, but given the impact Luis Diaz has already made, there’s always no need for the fan base to panic just yet.

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  1. No panic here, if Sala wants out, then goodbye and bring on his replacement. I don’t want greedy players that show no loyalty. He means nothing to me. This is Liverpool and our club is the collective not a single player blackmailing it. If we fans showed a little intelligence we would see things in perspective. One man demanding £400k A WEEK! Come on guys, I would kick his ass down Walton Breck. Many have tried before him and many have failed and we always find great players. It’s the club that make these players great, which has been proved time again. Salah was humble but now I have no respect for the man who has chosen to let the fans know he cares nothing for them, these fans all over the world, many who struggle to live themselves. So he scores goals? There’s a war going on which may involve us all but hey tge man says £200 ain’t enough. Think about your energy bill and see what this greedy footballer is doing, but hey, he scores goals! Ok many of you will defend the defenceless without a thought. Ll I ask is that you think deeper than this man scoring goals and really question his loyalty. Nothing short of disgusting the appreciation he shows the club and it’s fans. Let him follow in the footsteps of Torres, Couthino & Winny into obscurity. Make no mistake, if City come calling, he will oblige.

  2. FSG wants to extend Salah’s contract, Liverpool fans want Salah to stay past 2023, and the player himself wants to stay.
    If possible, break all existing Liverpool records.
    However, in recent months, it appears that the main question is at what cost? Is he worth the money he’s demanding? What are the consequences of being paid what he demands in relation to the wage cap imposed by the club’s owners?
    FSG made an offer, which was turned down, because his camp believes that the contract offered does not adequately compensate him in comparison to what men of equal value receive elsewhere, and he does not want to bulge.
    According to history, FSG will not bulge either.
    As a devoted follower, I will not pass judgment.

    As a die-hard fan, I will not be offended if he decides to leave because a footballer’s life is short and does not include retirement benefits; what you earn while playing is what you live on when you retire. Salah understands that, at his age, he only has one more chance to land the big contract that his hard work has earned, and that any serious injury now is unlikely to result in a big pay day, so loyalty fades and reality takes over.

    What concerns me are the types of owners who are so greedy that paying Salah what he requests becomes difficult. In reality, we haven’t added many new players in the last few years, and our payroll is very small.

    So, what happens to our earnings? They may use jargon like covid19 or contract renewal to explain why club revenue is down, but marketing contracts with lucrative benefits have been signed, increasing the flow of revenue into the club’s, as well as the fact that, with all of the contract renewal, we don’t have a large wage bill coupled with our large income.

    Every day, it becomes more clear to me that FSG is not the way to go. A large club cannot operate in the same manner as a small club.
    You may be wondering what this guy is talking about at this point, but keep in mind that big players play for big teams and earn big wages. You can’t run a big club with ambition to dominate as if you were a small club with little or no ambition other than survival.
    Well, if Liverpool has bought cheap, and those players have grown to become big players, until we can’t keep the big players anymore because of wage cap.
    then it implies indirectly that we are a feeder team to those ready to pay wages for big players

  3. I think the second commenter is making sense. It’s not a crime to be ambitious, is it? Reportedly Salah wants what FSG cannot afford, it’s simple, let him go in peace. Why are fans raining curses and abuses on him? True, LFC made him but he still had the skillet and determination to be that good after all there are players that flopped and are still flopping during the present Klopp era. He has the right to demand what he feels he’s worth and need in order to remain motivated, just unfortunate that FSG are the type that runs a big club on a small club budget.
    If Salah goes I’d keep supporting him as a player and LFC as my club simple but I hope he stays because the devil you know is better than an unknown angel.


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