Levi Colwill & The Left Sided Addition

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The evolution of systems and formations come about every few years. Some coaches will persevere with their trusted ideologies, whereas others will fall on their sword, in a desperate bid to stand their ground. During this disastrously poor season for Liverpool FC, transition is the word that has been uttered nearly as much as Jude, with both keenly sought this coming summer. With the flip of a coin likely to decide the reds Champions League qualification (for next season), it will then lead into a frenetic transfer window, with much movement expected from the reds. A new Sporting Director is yet to be confirmed; however, our normal levels of monitoring suggest talks are taking place with varying candidates. How one could possibly ascertain the likely targets is strange, given the next head of recruitment has yet to be unearthed. With that, we will all continue to offer viable candidates for recruitment, with today’s focus on how to solidify a back four, that was once so impenetrable.

Trent Alexander Arnold is the weak starting piece within our fabled back four. It’s not so much that he is a bad defender, it’s more his instruction to play high, whilst barely having to defend in the 3-4 seasons prior. The common notion is to move him up one (into midfield), whilst signing a more defensive fullback. This pathway is completely logical, though if the manager was ever going to attempt this switch, he would have certainly done so by now. As it stands, Joe Gomez is a better right back than he is a central defender, whilst being available for much of this campaign. If Klopp really fancied Trent as a midfielder, this would have been rolled many times over. The fact that this hasn’t happened, means he wants his number 66 in that deeper starting spot, with a desire to solidify and cover the surrounding areas. He is a deep lying and tactical player that eventually finds his way higher, which was never an issue when we were offering ample support. This season, the low tempo midfield has been found out, which has had a horrendous knock-on effect. If we can surround Dejan Lovren with enough defensive talent to make him look competent, then I am pretty sure we can replicate that with England’s 4th choice right back.

So how do you improve the right-hand side of defensive shape, whilst adding coverage for our playmaking right back…? You improve the left-hand side of the back line, that’s how. Joško Gvardiol, Evan Ndicka and Levi Colwill, are the three names that have been most prominent on the recent shortlist of centre backs. All three would cost varying fees, all three are very uniquely talented players, whilst being able to play both centrally and as left backs. With all three being very left footed and preferably occupying a left sided role, one would assume that we are not looking for a Virgil replacement, but more an imposing figure that can play on the outside of the giant Dutchman.

Whether or not we are primed to become a 3-4-3 side, it could be that the system will become more fluid during the 90 minutes. There is a familiar rhetoric within Anfield Index, that a back three could be incorporated in possession, allowing Trent to be let loose on the right hand side. With Andy Robertson now struggling to impact games (whilst closing in on 30-years of age), it could be that some lessons have been learnt by our German manager. This season has seen some tired legs become less and less impactful, therefore addressing issues may start to emerge that bit sooner. With Robbo taken out of some games for a more defensive and physical player, it would allow so much more stability, which is where one certain player could become the perfect addition. This is someone that could offer immediate cover for VVD, competition to our left backs and allow a starting 4-3-3 system to drift into a possession heavy 3-4-3

Levi Colwill 

Age – 20-years old (DOB 26/02/2003)

Current club – Chelsea (on loan at BHA)

Nationality – English

Height – 6ft 2inch

Weight – 82kg

Club appearances – 94 games

Club goals & assists – 3 goals / 3 assists

Total minutes played – 7,543

International caps & goals – 0 games / 0 goals

Transfermarkt value – €16m

This season has seen the England under-21 international make 15 appearances at Brighton, where he is currently undertaking a season long loan. His positional sense is very good, his anticipation and recovery are superb, whilst his on ball ability means he can excel into the wide left fullback position, thus adding that flexibility that could become apparent next season. There’s no doubt that the reds have to find a more hardened structure, with teams now willing to go head to head with the Anfield side. Whereas Colwill would not be the direct Robertson replacement, he would certainly offer a different skill set for differing games. As a more consistent performer (in our defensive third), it would take some of the pressure off our fullbacks and midfield. There is of course the reality where the protection of Virgil must be incorporated into the next phase. If we want to see the best from some our key individuals, then less games will require better squad options. The days of playing senior assets in 50 games every year, must end, with more tactical rotation implemented. Our predictable attacking patterns of play have migrated into our defensive line, therefore a more robust rear-guard can help solve many of the current problems.

As the upcoming transfer window nears, we must be alert to the realistic opportunities. The fact that Chelsea have spent £600m (in just a few months) means they will have to start selling players, and very soon. Colwill is a gifted player that remains on the outside looking in, as a raft of senior and expensive defenders ply their trade ahead of him. This is another loanee that may not wish to wait idly by, especially when there are suitors that would pay a hefty fee for his services. Though Liverpool’s hopes of a place in next year’s Champions League is debatable, the Stamford Bridge club would need a miracle to finish in either the league’s top four, or win this year’s European competition. With that in mind, they will need to salvage some funds, especially as the Premier League seem intent on circling those that have not adhered to their financial rules. This could allow the reds to swoop in, and though it is not as exciting a deal as the Jude Bellingham saga, it could become one that is as equally important to how Liverpool bounce back.

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  1. On what planet are chelsea going to sell their best young player, who will play a key role in their team for the next 15 years, to us, a major rival? There is more chance we get haaland than Colwill

  2. They have spent £80m on two players that play his position, whilst having spent £110m on two left backs.

    He has spent two years on loan, and they have potentially crippling FFP implications.

    This is also a club that happily sold Guehi and Tomori.

    It is not at all inconceivable that he would want out and that they would be willing to take a large offer.

  3. Silva is about to retire. Chalobah will be sold and Koulibaly has a couple of years at most. In a couple of years time they will have only Badiashile, Fofana and Colwill so if anything they will need to buy another CB.

    What does left backs have to do with anything? Colwill is a centre back and has never played at left back.

    Guehi and Tomori are nowhere near the level of Colwill so that is a pretty irrelevant comparison.

    The FFP implications are being massively overblown. Chelsea are still within FFP guideline and have an abundance of players to sell this summer – e.g. Gallagher, Pulisic, Ziyech, Chalobah, Hudson Odoi, Loftus cheek, Lukaku etc so it is highly unlikely they actually breach any FFP guidelines.

    Chelsea will not sell Colwill, especially to a major rival.

  4. He’s very good as a defensive player at LCB, played 10% of his overall games at LB and would allow the reds to evolve into a back three in possession. He’s a player that can shift between LCB and LB dependant on formation.

    Which the article states, that you haven’t read.

    The listed players as ones they have unsuccessfully tried to sell since the summer. Serie A and other leagues have no money, and people know that Chelsea will become desperate. They will not get the fees that delusional fans want, certainly not upfront.

    They are in a world of trouble, whilst the city sanctions coincided with Chelsea’s extraordinary spending, that is no coincidence.

    Everton will clearly be the bench mark for what it to come for the major offenders.

    Colwill will want a starting berth next season, with a lot of highly paid players ahead of him.

    Chelsea aren’t a rival, they’re a team in an absolute mess and will be picked apart by bigger clubs that aren’t in a fire sale situation.

  5. I’ve watched Colwill a lot and he certainly isn’t a LB and will clearly be a CB for his career. I suggest you watch a few more of his matches. There is zero chance he ends up being a LB.

    You couldn’t be more wrong about Chelsea’s FFP situation. Again, I suggest doing a little more research before publishing an article about it. They haven’t been trying to sell any of those players since summer so not sure what you are talking about. They literally turned down a £45m bid for Gallagher in January! But again, even if Chelsea don’t get the fees the fans want, they will still be within FFP. There’s a lot of technicalities around FFP and why Chelsea are not really at risk of breaching it. Just do a little research and you’ll understand! – I recommend reading Swiss Ramble – will bring you up to speed with why Chelsea are fine in terms of FFP. Part of that is because of the long term contracts that Chelsea have given out so the extraordinary spending is actually very normal when looked at from an FFP basis (over the course of their contracts). They are not in a world of trouble at all and will spend big again this summer.

    You say Colwill will want a starting berth next season but he wouldn’t get that at Liverpool either. On that basis your point about his signing for us is therefore redundant. Colwill is still raw and will take a couple more years to develop. By that time Silva and Koulibaly will be gone so he will have a clear position in the Chelsea team.

    Chelsea arent a rival? We are a few points ahead of them so I don’t see how you can say that. As much as I wish that was true, you seem to be blinded in your hatred of them for the whole article and your responses. That isn’t very professional. The fact you think Chelsea won’t be back up and running next season and that they are in a fire sale situation shows you really don’t know your stuff. If you are going to publish an article then make sure you do your research first. Chelsea are within FFP guidelines already and when they offload a number of players, particularly home grown ones like Gallagher, they will be well within it so they have no need to sell their best young prospects like Colwill. Hate to burst your bubble!

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