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A system was devised and implemented to adapt to the modern game, under the guidance of a brilliant German manager. VAR was a tool that helped revolutionise the game, which has benefited the game overall. The Reds’ defensive high line is something that has always been negatively portrayed by pundits and commentators, yet was a system that was once expertly coached and implemented. Opponents would be pressed and harassed within their defensive thirds, before launching hopeful balls in the Liverpool half. The pressure and energy of the midfield once allowed very little finesse in the opposition build up, with low blocks and desperate clearance of lines a desired strategy. Apart from freak results (like Aston Villa 7-2 LFC), it was a tactical choice that helped keep Manchester City within touching distance.

This disheartening campaign has seen teams alter their fundamentals, with an entire footballing community now well aware of the lack of energy within the Reds’ midfield. The pressing and ball recoveries have dropped off, whilst the sprints and distances covered are light years away from the pre-existing levels. These attributes are those which enabled much of what we needed, certainly in key areas. With regression in physicality came a huge drop off, with the weaker or ill fitting entities still labouring about the pitch. Jurgen Klopp has held onto to all his ideals and personnel, with both now failing to carry out the tasks at hand. We only got away with this deception for so long, because teams feared us. That fear has been replaced with something different, which is something Liverpool cannot overcome right now.

If in the coming summer a group of dynamic and intensity ridden individuals are signed, then it may make the fundamentals of his preferred system become logical again. One would imagine, however, that vital coaching would need to be undertaken for the on and off ball work, much like when Fabinho first arrived. Regardless of how next season unfolds, what is imperative is the now. At this moment in time the system is failing horribly, with a squad of midfielders unable to compete against nearly every team they face. Individual brilliance and an occasion invoking desire are what saw us dispatch United, yet that was clearly a fleeting moment in time. With a back line continually urged forward, this is done so whilst teams consistently play through a tired middle ground. This season of dissatisfaction could be about to descend to new depths, which is why a system change must be incorporated before the end of the season. The fullbacks do not know where to be, therefore a more drastic alteration is surely forthcoming.

I wrote a few words on how Europa League football was likely next season, as a top four finish looks a non-starter. I was probably being optimistic in my lookahead, as it’s now a real possibility that no European qualification will ensue at all. I’m writing this as the Reds prepare for their trip to Stamford Bridge, for a game where predictions and form mean absolutely nothing. With no scheduled training day between the visit to the Etihad and Tuesday’s trip to Stamford Bridge, it’s unlikely that any major adjustments will evolve this week. This coming Sunday, however, Arsenal is due at Anfield for another critical game. Both sides will be desperate for a victory, with so much riding on its result. I do not know what must be done, but the mechanics of this Liverpool team must be realigned due to the poor showings of late. Whether it be a switch to a back three (and more freedom to our fullbacks), then so be it. It could be as simple as incorporating a box midfield, with an ability to offer more critical coverage. The defence is unable to carry out their duties to a respectable level, whilst the midfield is incapable off controlling their zones. The attack continues to look disjointed and separated from one another, whilst the only Intensity we possess lies within a book by Pep Lijnders.

These are not the questions that should be asked at this point of the season, with so much already lost. What must happen, is Jürgen Klopp finding the solutions that can create change. Failure to do so will mean FSG are forced into a major decision. Whilst I do not want our illustrious manager to depart this club, failure to excel in his tasks will only lead one way, which is new managerial leadership.

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  1. Wow, I mean really, WOW. This article is so poor I don’t even know where to start. Pretty much every supposition made here is plain wrong. This is essentially saying Liverpool need to move away from the gegenpressing system that Klopp has used his whole career, that made Dortmund Bundesliga champions, took them to a CL final, that won Liverpool their first title in 30 years, made them European and World Champions, is truly jaw dropping.

    Simply stating that “ Regardless of how next season unfolds, what is imperative is the now” is the thinking that leads a team into becoming Spurs. That assumption alone is completely the opposite of what the club need to be thinking. I would suggest that regardless of what happens for the rest of the season, what is actually imperative is next season. Fact is, I’d rather risk finishing 8th with a chance of finishing 1st, than guarantee 4th but never have the chance of coming 1st.

    This highlights the difference between fans and followers. It’s so funny how some keyboard warriors seem to know more than those inside the club. This is so staggering, it isn’t even funny.

  2. Gegenpressing requires key facets, shut as the high line and ultra aggressive pressing.

    The midfield currently can’t do this, so yes, this season I think we should make changes to the system.

    Without signings, this season must be about garnering points. Then we organise a return to our fundamentals in the summer.

    Unless you want to keep losing games this season, then changes need to be made in how we are setting up.

    Why not change some things in the way we play, little else is working.


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