John W Henry – All Out Of Apologies

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FSG (Fenway Sports Group) have had several parties ready to make very big offers in recent months but nobody was willing to reach the £4.5 billion ceiling required for John W Henry to part ways with Liverpool FC. It was Mr. Henry that made the ultimate; not unanimous, call not to entertain any offers.

He chose for FSG to remain as custodians of Liverpool FC not because he feels the club’s fortunes will be stronger with his group at the helm; rather, it’s purely a money call. John W Henry would rather wait, feeling that the club’s value will continue to appreciate.

So FSG remain for now, but the upcoming Summer 2023 Transfer Window is the biggest test of their ownership. They rode out several storms in the past over past transfer window cock-ups, European Super League (ESL), Anfield ticket prices, pandemic furlough scheme etc. Apologies from John W Henry calmed people down but now, he is all out of apologies.

FSG have done an exemplary job of fooling huge swathes of the Liverpool fanbase into the myth of self-sustainability in football, in order to justify not spending their own money on the club, but their model simply has to evolve; whilst they remain, for fortunes to turn around.

Many mainstream/fan media outlets have, for obvious reasons, given FSG generally positive press (even when at times it has been undeserved) but I sense even their patience is wearing thin and are ready to more firmly hold FSG to account.

We’re in for an interesting few months.

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  1. For the last year we were lead to believe that jude Bellingham was coming to liverpool now we are out of the race to sing him’ does anyone believe that we were in the picture? Not me , we have owners who only care about how much money they have in their pockets not about the fans ‘ we are going backwards. Time for them to go

  2. They are only interested in funding other franchises with money generated from LFC, it’s time for them to make a very big return on their outlay and pass it to someone who has the clubs best interest at heart!

  3. FSG are in full panic mode!
    They know that without investment, LFC will miss out on champions league riches for a while.
    They know its either put in £200m or start to lose asset value!!!

    Even more irritating for FSG, is that all would be investors know this as well – which puts FSG in a very weak bargaining position

    Most investors are either offering FSG far less for a greater % of the club or just waiting for FSG to panic even more!!!

    Oh dear, what a pickle!

  4. John W Henry and FSG have to sell the club now to someone who is willing to help build up the team and bring in fresh new players plus who will back Jurgen Klopp

  5. Sad fans can’t see Jude wasn’t coming to liverpool period. He not unlike Stevie G is a once in a generation midfielder. His talent even earn Henderson fake fame in the WC run and yes most LFC fans ate that up thinking that could work under Mr. Klopp at Anfield. Truth of the matter Kalvin Phillips should’ve and would’ve been the player there if not for injury. Next in line should’ve been Declain Rice.
    When will the fans stop blaming Owners…..never but take it or leave it bad moves were made all for sponsorships. Yes that’s FSG but they are babies to football, probably still call it soccer. Football knowledge has been left up to Mr. Klopp who’s shown he only has one style of playing burning through his best players in 3-5 years.
    Jude was never gonna be allowed to come to Anfield for that and rightly so. Liverpool never paid Mane’ what he should’ve earned and was rightly due for his services and when he asked for it he was shown the door. Jude is one of the premier midfielders in the world at present bar none and his pricetag will reflect that no matter where he ends up. I wish Liverpool had the resources however……
    I’m not opposed to it but….The sellout to Emirate owners used to be frowned upon on Merseyside but all of a sudden desperation to stay relevant makes it ok????? Stop picking when it’s ok to be an Emirate owner supporter( frown at city but ok for us now) and be a supporter of owners that have supported Mr. Klopp who has made bad buys even though most won’t admit it.
    Again not against the sale to Emirate owners because at least they will be able to replace the players Mr. Klopp destroys with his brand of unsustainable football. Oh yeah if you really want to have a great team again it was Mr. Michael Edwards whom preformed miracles and should’ve never been allowed to leave. Just my humble opinion but please go ahead shoot holes in it (smiling).

  6. The clubs value won’t appreciate John if you drag us down to mid table. You’re tight fisted transfer policy has already caused us damage which will now cost more to repair than just regular updating of squad. It’s what we would call a “false economy ”
    Premier league is about passion John but for winning games not making money. The two are not companions.

  7. Wait until the end of the season and at least two of the failed bidders trying to buy Man ewe will probably come knocking

  8. Stop giving these grief without the money they put in we would still be 5th in the league.they ain’t left us like Gillette and hicks what do you really want.


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