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In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that Liverpool FC players, like the rest of us, enjoy various online activities in their spare time. From gaming and social media to streaming platforms and podcasts, these footballers engage with the online world in diverse ways. 

This article offers a glimpse into the common online interests of Liverpool FC players, bearing in mind that individual preferences will vary.

Common online interests of Liverpool FC players

Learn about the common interests of Liverpool FC players online, from gaming and social media to streaming services, podcasts, choosing the best bitcoin casinos, as they relax and explore their hobbies.

  • Video games: Like many other people, footballers often enjoy playing video games during their downtime. Popular games among players may include FIFA, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.
  • Social media: Footballers often spend time on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where they can engage with fans, follow their peers, and stay updated on news and trends.
  • Streaming platforms: Football players may enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and sports events on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and ESPN+.
  • YouTube: Players might watch various types of content on YouTube, including football highlights, training videos, and vlogs from fellow athletes and celebrities.
  • Podcasts: Footballers may enjoy listening to podcasts on topics that interest them, such as sports, personal development, or comedy.
  • Online sports betting and fantasy sports: Some footballers might participate in online sports betting or join fantasy sports leagues. 
  • Online learning: Footballers, like everyone else, may have interests outside their sport, and expand their knowledge and develop new skills covering subjects such as finance, nutrition, or even learning new languages.
  • Online gambling: Footballers players are often in the news as avid casino players, and recently with the development of the crypto industry, stories with bitcoin casinos appear more and more often.

Footballers Who Like To Play Video Games

It’s easy to assume that footballers spend all their time training and playing matches. However, like anyone else, they have lives outside their profession and engage in hobbies that many people enjoy. These hobbies can range from dining out and shopping to playing video games.

Many footballers share glimpses of their gaming setups and sponsored games on social media. In this list, we’ll discuss two notable Liverpool FC players who are known for their love of video games: Diogo Jota and Fernando Torres.

Diogo Jota

If Diogo Jota wasn’t busy scoring goals for Liverpool FC, he might have had a successful career as a professional gamer. The Portuguese international doesn’t just play video games for fun; he’s exceptionally skilled at them. Jota’s most prominent gaming achievement is in FIFA, where he once ranked first in the world among players in the highly competitive Weekend League mode.

Jota’s passion for gaming has led him to establish an esports team that competes against other professional teams in the gaming world.

Fernando Torres

Torres, like many other footballers, enjoyed playing video games in his spare time. While specific details about his gaming preferences and achievements are not widely known, it’s likely that he dabbled in popular games like FIFA and other genres.

Liverpool FC players who love to gamble

Football and gambling often go hand in hand, with fans and players alike enjoying the thrill of placing bets or engaging in casino games. Among Liverpool FC players, there are a few who have become known for their love of gambling, whether they play online or at luxurious gambling hubs. Here are some prominent examples:

  • Dietmar Hamann. In his autobiography “The Didi Man,” Hamann revealed that he once lost over £250,000 on a single bet. His gambling habits serve as a reminder of the importance of gambling responsibly.
  • Dominic Matteo. Matteo, a former Liverpool player, had a strong passion for gambling during his 20-year tenure with the club. In his book, he admitted to being over £1,000,000 in debt due to gambling. This is unlikely to happen if he was responsible for the game and use low deposits in the casino ($2 for example).
  • Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge got into trouble for sharing insider information and instructing his brother to place a transfer bet on both Sevilla and AC Milan. Suspended and fined for his actions, Sturridge’s case highlights the importance of playing by the rules.
  • Wayne Rooney. Although not a Liverpool FC player, Rooney, a native of Liverpool, is well-known for his love of poker. Reportedly losing significant amounts of money on several occasions, Rooney’s experiences demonstrate the risks associated with gambling.

These examples show that even top Liverpool athletes are drawn to high-stakes gambling. While enjoying the thrill, it’s essential to remember the importance of playing responsibly and abiding by the rules.


As we’ve seen, Liverpool FC players have a wide range of online interests, just like the rest of us. Engaging in activities such as video games, social media, and streaming platforms allows them to unwind and connect with others outside their professional lives. 

These insights into their online hobbies remind us that footballers, despite their fame and success, are still human beings with varied interests and pastimes.

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