Under Pressure Podcast: The Reds’ Opening Gambit

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Under Pressure Podcast

The Under Pressure Podcast, affectionately known as UP, has returned with a bang for the commencement of a fresh Premier League season. Hosted by the astute Dan Kennett, the podcast features a panel of seasoned football analysts including Daniel Rhodes, Simon Brundish, and Phil Barter. Their latest episode dives deep into Liverpool’s recent 1-1 draw against Chelsea, a match that had fans on the edge of their seats.

This episode is particularly tactics-heavy, offering listeners a comprehensive breakdown of the game’s strategic nuances. The crew delves into the chaotic start of the match, highlighting moments when the Reds appeared particularly menacing. They also touch upon the suppression of Trent Alexander-Arnold and the WM formation, hinting at the tactical prowess of both teams.

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Furthermore, the podcast doesn’t shy away from assessing the performance of Liverpool’s new signings, providing insights into their debut Premier League appearances in a Reds shirt. Wrapping up the discussion, the team shines a light on the bright spots of the game while also pointing out areas Liverpool needs to refine as the season progresses. For ardent Liverpool fans and football enthusiasts alike, the Under Pressure Podcast promises an in-depth analysis of games, ensuring listeners are always in the loop with the latest on-field tactics and strategies.

Pressing Data

The pressing collection, done using various metrics such as ‘pushed opposition back’; ‘won possession’; ‘pressing led to a shot’ and ‘failed press led to a shot’ produces a series of data viz produced by Dan Kennett and Phil Barter. The one below looks at the intensity of the pressing throughout the match.

Despite a total of 283 pressing actions, the only period of intense pressure was between the 65th and 80th minute, the rest was average. Furthermore, looking at the table below you can see the various metrics and how they compare with other matches the Reds have played under Klopp.

Although the volume was incredibly high, as was the level of pressing in groups (two or more players) the production was poor: only 25 possession wins, which is less than 10% of the overall total and one of the lowest ratios ever seen. Also, only 11.1% of the pressing was high volume showing that the Reds’ tactical approach was cautious and not the gegenpressing we are used to under Klopp. Next up is the table showing the figures for all the players so you can see for yourself who contributed and how efficient they were.

Interesting to see that three of the four subs were more intense than the rest, though Jota certainly put a shift in with a pressure every 1.8 minutes, and seven of those in a group combination. Top of the ‘team player’ pressing machines was Mac Allister on his debut with a whopping 50% of his pressing actions coming combined with a teammate suggesting he’s picked up the tactical instructions straight away.

Finally, below is Phil Barter’s brilliant data viz, looking at the press directions, efficiency and those who failed too often.

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