Report: PGMOL Divided Over Releasing Vital VAR Audio

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The Unveiling of VAR Audio Amidst Liverpool’s Contentious Defeat

In a recent clash that witnessed Liverpool facing a 2-1 defeat against Tottenham, the undercurrents of controversy have been stirred by a VAR decision that has left fans and football pundits alike in a state of bewilderment. The imminent release of the VAR audio, following a blunder that denied Luis Diaz’s goal, has become a focal point of discussions within the football community.

PGMOL’s Dilemma: Transparency vs. Secrecy

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) finds itself in a precarious position, as internal debates ensue regarding the public release of the VAR audio. While some senior figures within the organisation advocate for transparency by revealing the conversation between referee Simon Hooper, VAR Darren England, and his assistant Dan Cook, others tread a path of resistance. The dichotomy within PGMOL is palpable, as they navigate through the decision-making process, with further discussions slated for the upcoming Tuesday.

Sources confirmed “senior figures at PGMOL were split over whether the audio should be made public. They are now leaning towards a release of the full exchange, although talks will be held on Tuesday over when to release it because a review is ongoing into Saturday’s incident. Senior figures at the referees’ organisation disagreed over whether the conversation between referee Simon Hooper, VAR Darren England and his assistant Dan Cook should be revealed.”

Liverpool’s Pursuit for Clarity and Fair Play

Liverpool, not being a silent spectator in this unfolding drama, has vehemently condemned the error through a robust statement and has explored a ‘range of options’, sparking rumours about their desire for a match replay. The club has also exerted pressure on the officials by demanding a copy of the contentious tape, showcasing their unwavering pursuit for clarity and fair play in the light of the controversial decision.

The scrutiny doesn’t merely rest upon the VAR incident but extends to the PGMOL’s policy of permitting referees to undertake international assignments between Premier League matches. Darren England and Dan Cook, who were part of the officiating team for a match in the United Arab Emirates, completed a 16-hour round trip just a day before the Liverpool-Tottenham match. The potential fatigue and mental exhaustion from such trips are under the microscope, as critics and clubs question their impact on decision-making capabilities during crucial Premier League matches.

The Ripple Effect on the Premier League and Refereeing Standards

The incident has not only cast a shadow over the match but has also ignited discussions about the integrity and standards of refereeing, especially in a league as prestigious as the Premier League. The non-broadcast rule of VAR audio, as per IFAB, is also being debated in football circles. Liverpool’s hope to rescind Curtis Jones’ red card and the dismissal of corruption talks by those privy to the VAR-referee conversations during the match further complicate the narrative.

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