Suso Reflects on Liverpool Stint and Ødegaard’s Rise

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Suso’s Nostalgic Recall of Liverpool Days and Ødegaard First Impressions

In an interview penned by Sid Lowe of The Guardian, we navigate through a heartfelt narrative as Sevilla’s forward Suso reminisces about his time at Liverpool and the evolution of Martin Ødegaard, whom he first encountered almost a decade ago.

Amidst Sevilla’s upcoming Champions League encounter with Arsenal, Suso recalls, “When I was at Liverpool, Ødegaard came to try out with us for a week. It was that time when everyone wanted him… He had lots of ability. I don’t think I’ve seen him since.” This fleeting yet impactful interaction highlights the unpredictable pathways careers often take, encapsulating the anticipation of their professional reunion.

A Spanish Talent’s Route Diverged from Madrid to Merseyside

Suso’s journey could have aligned with Ødegaard’s Real Madrid story, yet destiny intervened. “We had agreed everything verbally with Madrid… That same day, Pedro Campos and Eduardo Macià… called and said: ‘Don’t go there,’ that they would sort it with Cádiz,” Suso shares. This pivotal call steered him towards an opportunity-filled landscape in England, contrasting Spain’s limited avenues for young talent back then.

From Cadiz to Liverpool: A Journey of Adaptation and Growth

Suso’s adaptation to Liverpool, far from his native Cádiz, involved surmounting language barriers and cultural shifts. Despite challenges, such as the car break-in anecdote, the warm embrace of the Liverpool community and camaraderie with Spanish-speaking colleagues provided solace. These experiences, though taxing, were instrumental in his personal growth, nurturing resilience that athletes like Ødegaard would similarly need in their journeys.

The Evolution of Opportunities for Young Talents in English Football

The forward speaks appreciatively of Brendan Rodgers, noting, “He was a brave, giving me and Raheem Sterling a debut. He used to talk to me in Spanish, which he loved to learn. That helped me.” Suso’s insights highlight the evolution in English football, which now sees younger talents integrated into first teams, a practice less prevalent during his early days at Liverpool.

Recounting the Twists and Turns of Suso’s Professional Journey

Reflecting on his trajectory—from a loan spell at Almería during Liverpool’s near-miss for the league title to his eventual shift to AC Milan—Suso conveys both nostalgia and contentment. The decision to join Milan was influenced by the allure of a fresh challenge and a desire to feel pivotal within a team. His subsequent return to Spain, culminating in Europa League triumphs with Sevilla, underscores the unpredictable, often circuitous routes football careers entail.

Anticipating a High-Stakes Reunion on the Champions League Stage

Now, as the Champions League stage sets for a Sevilla-Arsenal clash, Suso’s attention is on Mikel Arteta’s side, particularly captain Ødegaard. “I see Ødegaard, and I’m surprised by how he has improved. A coach has come who believed in him, took him under his wing,” he observes, acknowledging Arteta’s Guardiola-inspired impact. The reunion, laden with personal and professional significance, epitomizes the ever-evolving narrative of football, where past intersects present, and stories continue to unfold.

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