Liverpool vs Union Saint-Gilloise: Odds and Betting Tips for Future Matches

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Although there is still a long time ahead of the much-awaited match, online gambling sites have already published their current odds. At the moment, William Hill Casino’s odds show a 2/11 winning probability for Liverpool and only a 13/2 winning odds for Union Saint-Gilloise. The William Hill Casino review created by KingCasinoBonus will help you better navigate the website when verifying odds and making sports bets. 

According to the review, gamblers are allowed to make a small deposit of only £5 to gamble on the outcome of their choice. Moreover, William Hill Casino allows gamblers to make payments with a variety of methods, from Visa and Mastercard to PayPal and Neteller.

Looking to wager on this game or other Europa League games? This article covers top odds and betting tips to help you stand a better chance.

Best Betting Tips for Football Games

Betting on football, whether it is Sunday’s matches posted in October or other events, transcends just looking at the odds presented by the bookies before making a betting decision. A professional football analyst knows too well that there are a plethora of factors that could affect the outcome of the match and putting these factors into consideration is what sets you apart.

Here are some of the tested and trusted tips that would come in handy in guaranteeing more success with your bets on football games.

Check Starting Lineup

The rationale behind this is very simple. The quality of players that are involved in a game could greatly impact the output of any team. For example, for a team like Liverpool that are pegged as favourites to win the game, in the event that all of their major goal scorers are benched prior to the game, it is clear that chances of winning becomes slim. 

So, even though they may be considered top dogs, they could end that match losing or playing a draw. This explains the importance of looking beyond the odds and taking note of the players in the starting lineups before deciding on what outcome to bet on. In most cases, the starting lineup information is released two hours before the game. So, it will be in your best interest waiting until you have that information before proceeding with your bet.

Check Form of Both Teams

Form describes the strengths of both teams based on their win, loss or draw records in their last five games. This gives you an insight into how well or poorly a team might be playing at the time and further helps you narrow your betting choice. Taking the Europa League game for instance, the current form of Liverpool implies that they are in a better form than their opponent. As such, your Union Saint-Gilloise vs Liverpool prediction might be in favour of Liverpool and you won’t be far off the mark. This is also applicable to games in other categories like the Premier League.

Check Head-to-Head Records

Head-to-head records go into the record of both teams clashing. In football betting, it has become common knowledge that history could be a deciding factor as such shouldn’t be ignored. If you check the head-to-head records between both teams and you discover in say their last five meetings, one team has emerged winner four times, then the chances they will win the upcoming game are high. This particularly shouldn’t be ignored when a team tends to have a strong win record against a particular team. 

While this is an important angle to look at, we recommend you focus on their records in the most recent years, most preferably within the space of five years. This is because anything beyond five years, the team might have experienced an evolution in players, coach, and overall structure that could render those records void. Even related articles on the web support this. 

Check the Movement of the Lines

Oftentimes, the movement of the lines by popular bookies could give you an insight on the possible outcome for the game. For example, if you discover that Liverpool’s odds to secure three points keeps increasing, particularly haphazardly, this could be an indication that something is happening with Liverpool that could affect their chances of winning the game.

The rate at which the lines move within a period is one factor that you shouldn’t ignore. It is usually like a red flag that alerts you to do a quick check on some of the other factors mentioned to assure yourself of the safety of your bet.

Stage of the Competition

The stage of the competition usually dictates the performances of certain teams. Teams playing in a competitive stage of the competition, like the knockout stage, are more likely to put their best foot forward than in their first group stage game. So, it is important to put this into consideration before making a betting decision. 

Guaranteeing Success in Football Bets Involves Considering All Betting Tips

Some of the best tipsters out there know well enough than just basing their betting decision on just one metric. As a thorough bettor, you are best positioned to win your bet on football markets when you consider all metrics including form, head-to-head records, lineup, stage of the competition, lines movement. Doing so helps you see the big picture, which is important in making a more informed betting decision.

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