Alisson Best Moment: “I just have to pick a save”

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Alisson Becker Reflects on His Defining Moment in Premier League

In a candid recollection of his time guarding Liverpool’s net, Alisson Becker, the cornerstone of the Reds’ defence, has unexpectedly pinpointed a seemingly routine save as the pinnacle of his Premier League career, overshadowing even his dramatic last-minute goal.

Since Alisson’s 2018 signing, the transformation of Liverpool’s backline has been profound. The Brazilian custodian eradicated the insecurities lingering from the twilight of Pepe Reina’s era, fortifying his spot with a remarkable 43.2 percent clean sheet record and etching his name as eighth among the revered Liverpudlian shot-stoppers.

His heroics stretch beyond mere statistics; notably, his miraculous reflex against Napoli’s Arkadiusz Milik not only secured their 2018 Champions League knockout phase passage but arguably set them on the triumphant path that season. However, it’s his exploits in the Premier League that recently sparked an intriguing conversation.

A Series of Unforgettable Contributions

In a unique introspection facilitated by a ‘tournament tree’ of his eight standout Premier League feats, Alisson reminisced about each significant stride. The chart threw into the mix a range of brilliant stops, assists, and that universally celebrated goal, compelling the Brazilian to delve into his memory bank.

Initially, the focus was on his recent acrobatics against Newcastle’s Miguel Almiron, a save that garnered the league’s Save of the Month accolade. Alisson recounted the moment with palpable enthusiasm: “You have always to try because it’s what I did in this one, to be honest. It was a really difficult save, a nice save to look at as well. It feels always good, and it helped the team at the end of the day with the three points.”

Narrowing Down the Moments That Matter

Juxtaposing various instances of goalkeeping dexterity and assists, Alisson’s selections often favoured the contributions that resonated with him on a deeper, more emotional level. Among these was his instrumental role in a goal against Manchester United during the 2019/20 title-winning season, which eclipsed even his assists in critical matches.

His on-field embrace with Jurgen Klopp post-Origi’s iconic goal and his emotionally charged header at The Hawthorns, amid personal grief, highlighted the intense sentiment footballers experience. Yet, when asked to select his crowning Premier League memory, Alisson’s choice defied expectation.

Alisson’s Surprising Pick: A Testament to His Role

Defying the odds, Alisson’s choice fell on his recent save against Almiron, sidestepping his own headline-grabbing goal. Emphasizing his core identity, he affirmed: “I’m a goalkeeper, I had to go with the save. I’m sorry, I think people will be disappointed with me for not picking the goal.”

Alisson’s humility shone, respecting his craft above the lure of a more glamorous memory. “In a few years, we will have to do another one,” he conceded, acknowledging the fleeting nature of such moments and the potential for more to come.

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