Firmino: “The Pandemic Took Away Liverpool Fans’ Chance to Support Us”

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The Pinnacle of Success in Silence

In the annals of football, few tales will resonate like Liverpool’s journey to Premier League glory in the 2019-2020 season. As Roberto Firmino poignantly reflects in his new book, set for release on November 9, the Reds’ triumph was a bittersweet symphony, played out to the backdrop of empty stands and silent cheers.

“It’s no secret to anyone. We’d conquered Europe, we conquered the world, but something was missing: we still hadn’t conquered England and that Premier League trophy was the one the fans wanted most of all,” Firmino recounts, echoing the sentiments of a fanbase whose thirst for domestic supremacy had remained unquenched for three long decades.

The Unseen Opponent: A Season’s Twist

The narrative of Liverpool’s season reads like a script from a bygone era of footballing legends. The team’s cohesion, the relentless pursuit of victory, and the unwavering spirit of a squad that felt “invincible” set the stage for what was to be an historic campaign.

“But then we had a dip in the season; a small one but enough to cost us dearly. And one that perhaps, in the long run, contributed to us losing our European and global dominance,” Firmino reflects on the unexpected defeats that pierced the veil of invincibility surrounding the team.

The Echo of Victory Without Its Roar

The Daily Mail credits Firmino with an intimate portrayal of a team at the zenith of its powers, yet struck by an unforeseen adversary in Covid-19. The pandemic’s impact was profound, stripping the moment of victory of its most vital component: the fans.

“The pandemic took away the Liverpool fans’ chance to support us, share with us the moment they had waited for even longer than us; to release a cheer that had been trapped in their throats for 30 years,” Firmino laments, acknowledging the hollow echo of a triumph that should have been greeted with the roar of the Kop.

An Anfield Without Its Soul

Anfield, a fortress of passion and pride, stood silent as Liverpool clinched the title. Firmino’s words paint a vivid picture of a celebration muted, a connection severed, and a historic moment felt deeply, yet experienced in isolation.

“We were champions, but it wasn’t a celebration like the others. There was no escaping the feeling that something was not right, that something had been denied to us,” he shares, capturing the essence of a victory that, while sweet, was devoid of the shared euphoria that only a sea of red supporters could provide.

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