Hendrick: “Relegating Man City isn’t Enough Punishment”

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Everton’s Points Deduction: A Justified Consequence

Dave Hendrick, speaking on Anfield Index, expressed a blunt view on Everton’s recent 10-point deduction due to financial irregularities. “Everton have been docked 10 points, which is not necessarily enough, but certainly a good punishment for their cheating,” Hendrick stated. He elaborated on the club’s shock and disappointment, hinting at an inevitable appeal to avoid lawsuits from relegated teams due to Everton’s actions. Hendrick’s perspective is clear: Everton’s survival in the Premier League led to the relegation of other clubs, notably citing Burnley’s financial losses and the impact on other teams.

Financial Mismanagement: The Everton Case

Hendrick pointed out that Everton’s first accusations of breaking profit and sustainability rules surfaced during the 2021-22 season. He emphasized that if Everton had been penalized then, teams like Burnley might have avoided relegation. The discussion highlighted Everton’s precarious financial state, impending lawsuits, and the burden of a new stadium they can’t afford. “This is going to get messy,” Hendrick warned, foreseeing a complex legal battle ahead for Everton.

Man City’s Charges and Potential Repercussions

Shifting focus to Manchester City, Hendrick brought up the 115 charges against them, only covering up to 2018. He suggested that City’s punishment, if similar to Everton’s, might not be as impactful. “Relegating them… won’t really punish them at all. It’ll slow them down for a year or two, but that’s it,” he stated. Hendrick strongly advocated for stripping City of their titles, insisting that relegation alone wouldn’t suffice. According to him, independent auditors should oversee the club’s operations to ensure compliance with financial fair play rules.

Title Stripping: A Necessary Action

In Hendrick’s view, stripping titles is the only way to effectively punish clubs like City and Chelsea for their financial misdeeds. He drew parallels with Juventus’s title stripping and Saracens’ relegation in rugby, underscoring the importance of removing illegally obtained titles from the record books.

International Scene: Liverpool Players in Action

The podcast also touched on international football, highlighting performances by Liverpool players like Luis Diaz, Darwin Nunez, and Mohamed Salah. Hendrick praised Salah’s consistent excellence, despite the lower caliber of some opponents.

The discussion briefly veered towards Liverpool’s transfer strategy, particularly the loan move of Fabio Carvalho and potential future signings. Hendrick questioned the wisdom of certain loan decisions and expressed support for investing in young talent.


Dave Hendrick’s analysis on Anfield Index presents a hard-hitting critique of financial irregularities in football, emphasizing the need for severe penalties like points deductions and title stripping. His comments reflect a growing concern about financial fairness in the sport and the impact of such practices on the integrity of competitions.

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  1. Can I ask how losing £1.245 × 10^8 is cheating? It seems like punishing those who punish themselves. Why punish the poor? Poverty is a punishment, how does being poor give them an unfair advantage?

  2. Strpping of titles should be first. In any sport, any team or contestants in breach of the rules of whatever sports do not keep their titles. The titles are more important to them than financial discipline. The fines also should be substantial as it was a repeated offense.
    Last and this may not resonate well with everyone, but in my humble opinion some sort of financial restitution should be handed to the teams relegated as who knows if they would have lost those games against city and indeed gone down! Lives were impacted as a result of this and some would have even lost jobs due to it I suspect.
    The things done to Chelsea because of Roman Abramovich had absolutely nothing to do with football. It was purely on a personal and speculative relationship with Putan whether or not he did or didn’t do what was put forth. In my humble opinion was government using sport for political agendas. THIS WAS A PURELY FOOTBALL SITUATION AND SHOULD HAVE CONSEQUENCES THAT COINCIDE WITH FOOTBALLING RULES, LAWS, AND PUNISHMENTS!

  3. IF City is found to have cheated, aside from the appropriate point deductions, fines and title retractions, the owners and directors need to be sanctions as surely as cheats, they would not conform to any owner’s and director’s tests.

    THIS (the sanction) would be true punishment for real offenses, and would keep other clubs on the straight and narrow as well

  4. FA won’t have the guts or will to impose such sanctions (the right thing). Too much oil money lining their pockets. Penalty decisions will be made for personal reasons and not for the good of Premiership football.
    The Oil Rich World is now in control, better just get used to it unfortunately.


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