Hendrick: “Man City and Guardiola… everybody knows they’ve cheated”

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Exploring Klopp’s Sales Strategy: Insights from Dave Hendrick

Jurgen Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool has been marked by a remarkable knack for player management and transfers. Dave Hendrick, in a recent discussion on Anfield Index, highlighted this skill by noting a staggering statistic: Klopp has overseen the departure of 82 players since his arrival. This fact alone underscores Klopp’s ability to continually reshape and optimise his squad, ensuring that Liverpool stays competitive at the highest level. Hendrick adds: “It is nuts when you go through that list, it’s a mixed bag and think of how many players just were moved on under Klopp.”

Strategic Sales: A Key to Liverpool’s Success

One of Klopp’s most notable achievements is his strategic approach to player sales. Hendrick’s discussion sheds light on this aspect, emphasizing Klopp’s keen eye for identifying when a player no longer fits the club’s vision. This approach has not only kept the squad fresh and dynamic but has also been crucial in maintaining financial stability and reinvesting in new talent.

The Impact of Klopp’s Decisions

The impact of Klopp’s transfer decisions extends far beyond mere numbers. Each departure and arrival under his watch has been a calculated move to maintain the team’s competitive edge. This meticulous approach to squad management has been a cornerstone of Liverpool’s success in recent years.

Klopp’s Philosophy: Beyond the Transfer Market

Klopp’s philosophy transcends the realm of transfers and sales. His focus on team cohesion, player development, and a strong club identity has been pivotal in creating a winning culture at Liverpool. This holistic approach has enabled Klopp to not only make smart transfer decisions but also to foster an environment where players can thrive.

On Man City’s Financial Doping

Dave Hendrick expresses strong opinions about Manchester City and their manager, Pep Guardiola. He asserts that “everybody knows [Manchester City has] cheated,” suggesting widespread awareness of alleged unfair practices within the club. Hendrick specifically points to Guardiola, stating, “There’s no question that he knows exactly what’s going on and that he’s fully complicit.”

This comment implies that Guardiola, despite his public persona, is deeply involved in the club’s controversial actions. Additionally, Hendrick criticizes the financial aspects of Manchester City’s operations, saying, “City spend millions a year to cheat.” This statement reflects his belief that the club uses its financial power to gain unfair advantages in the football world. Overall, Hendrick’s remarks paint a picture of skepticism and criticism towards Manchester City’s methods and ethics in the sport.

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  1. MCFC Cheat says Hendrick…based on no evidence only accusations.
    However, Liverpool found guilty of actual cheating when they stole City’s information.
    sad really.

  2. The evidence presented to UEFA detailing City’s cheating was overwhelming, with City’s defence that their CFO didn’t understand what was really happening was laughable. UEFA found them guilty ,but City appealed to CAS and were actually allowed to nominate 2 of the 3 commisioners including the chairman. Outcome? 2 to 1 in City’s favour! The whole football world knows City are guilty and their denial and attempts to hold up the investigation (with implied action against the PL) should result in punitive sanctions, including trophies won by cheating removed and at least one division relegation. Unfortunately I am expecting a fine at most.

    • What absolute trash that is. OMG, you do know that lying doesn’t make it true, yeah? The CFO didn’t understand, you really are a joke saying that, it’s quite clearly ridiculous. Did you hear that in a pub or a round of golf and now believe it? Also the thought that we picked the panel is again, honestly just ludicrous, some game of golf this, wow.
      Last point, no the whole world doesn’t know we are cheats. Not a sole outside City know the real truth. That means you haven’t got a scooby what the true is. Yes, your bitter hate is very profound and your jealousy is seeping out of every part of you. You see, your blind hatred manifests into anger and then your guard is down and you just found either like a little child or a sour bitter old codger. Get a life and try beating the 11 on the field. Good luck with that.

    • What a load of garbage but then again what do you expect from a group of people that think they are not English. Live in their own bitter bubble and cry. Blame everyone else
      Give you a clue 50 charges are regarding sponsorship. Give you another clue CAS said none of city’s sponsorship was inflated when uefa charged city. 30 other charges relate to sponsorship administration. So that’s 80 charges wiped out. Teach you another one. Basically there is 5 charges regarding FFP and that come from the charges uefa was time barred but premier league is not. Another lesson for you. This won’t be seen for another 12 to 24 months. Yes Everton got dealt with but they had 1 charge. Premier league investigated City over 4 years and you think it be sorted quickly nope. Also Everton got hit hard as premier League don’t want a overlord over seeing premier League as they lose all their power. So stop blaming others for your crappy club and cheap owners and concentrate on your own club

    • Perhaps this character, Hendrick, should become familiar with what the word slander means. He may also want to inquire about one of the top lawyers City are using to represent him. And next time someone can ask him about the information Liverpool stole from City that helped fuel those shrewd transfers.

  3. As also acknowledged by MCFC, there was a legitimate basis to prosecute MCFC.”

    The Cas judgment also contains the extraordinary revelation that the panel’s chairman, Rui Botica Santos, a Portuguese lawyer, was recommended by City. Cas rules for appeals state that each party chooses one arbitrator, then the chairman is selected by the chairman of Cas’s own appeals arbitration division. No explanation has yet been given for why City suggested the chairman for this case, although the judgment notes that Uefa did not object.

    Let the investigators do their work.

    • Not quite the same as FIXING a match like Liverpool & Man U did back in the day is it? Funny how the corruption surrounding UEFA’s introduction of FFP with Platini & Hoeness (still in jail) which clubs wanted it, how they protected their slice of the cake and why they wanted it, has been swept under the carpet. Martin Samuel of the daily Mail outed them and their corruption back in 2011/12 but the red media have buried it.

    • Unfortunately for you this is true and Liverpool settled without prosecution with City for an undisclosed fee.

  4. For all the bitters in the UK, IF and it’s a Big IF, City are found guilty,the reaction will be the same as for Everton it will galvanise the fans like never before against the system and the EPL and probably increase their support as lapsed fans will rally around what has become a corrupt EPL passing rules to please the traditional big 4.
    Everyone has forgot as Martin Samuel pointed out at the time that the G14 Forced UEFA to charge City AFTER UEFA and City had agreed a way forward to exclude money they had already spent /wages agreed and could not unspend this money when the FFP rules came in. UEFA moved the goalposts at the insistence of the G14 for our first charges – City’s Mistake not taking UEFA to Court for restrictive practice which is not allowed in any other Business
    Does Anyone remember an athlete who was awarded a medal 6 months after the Olympics due to a participant failing a drugs test? did he want a medal by default – was he on the podium while the National Anthem was played? did he do a lap of honour – NO Hollow victory and medal

  5. It’s not just red fans, every club bar Chelsea would like a stronger punishment, everyone knows they cheated but got off on a statutes of limitation TECHNICALITY. All clubs bend the rules player tapping, etc but the Qatari Crown basically owns City there vast wealth buys corruption ask Sepp Blatter and the World Cup.
    successive UK governments pressured the FA to turn a blind eye to the Newcastle purchase, Qatar irregularities because of trade , for once take your blinkers off and acknowledge you do the crime you do the time. I’m only sorry Everton are being the scapegoat for the bigger picture.


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