Liverpool and Carlsberg: 42 Years of Football Partnership

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Liverpool’s Future Bright with Carlsberg’s Renewed Partnership

In a landmark move, Liverpool FC has announced the extension of their partnership with Carlsberg, further cementing a relationship that has thrived for over three decades. This renewal heralds a new era for both the club and its long-standing sponsor, as they continue to blend tradition with modern football’s dynamic landscape.

Decades of Partnership: A Testament to Shared Values

Since 1992, Carlsberg has been a principal partner of Liverpool, intertwining its brand with the club’s rich history and global appeal. The extension of this partnership marks a significant milestone, ensuring a total of 42 years of continuous collaboration – an unprecedented duration in both Premier League and Liverpool’s history. This enduring alliance is not just a business arrangement; it’s a fusion of shared values and mutual growth, reflected in the club’s impressive trajectory under manager Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool’s Rise Under Klopp: A Magnet for Top Sponsors

Under the guidance of Klopp, Liverpool has ascended to the pinnacle of European football, capturing the UEFA Champions League and Premier League titles. This success has elevated the club’s appeal to sponsors, attracting elite brands like Nike and Standard Chartered. These partnerships underscore Liverpool’s global prestige and its attractiveness as a platform for top-tier sponsorships.

Carlsberg and Liverpool: More than a Sponsorship

The relationship between Liverpool and Carlsberg transcends typical sponsorships. It’s a bond forged through shared triumphs and challenges, evident in the words of Ben Latty, Liverpool FC’s commercial director. Latty emphasises the partnership’s longevity, hailing it as a testament to mutual commitment and a journey filled with shared values. Carlsberg’s integration into the club’s fabric extends to both men’s and women’s teams, reflecting a deep-rooted connection that goes beyond mere branding.

He added: “We are absolutely delighted to continue to have Carlsberg as a member of the LFC partner family for another ten years.”

“The longevity of this agreement is testimony to our commitment to each other and the success of our partnership so far, which has been built on a deeply-rooted set of shared values.

“We have been on quite a journey with Carlsberg since 1992, and we consider them as more than a partner, they are a true supporter of Liverpool Football Club.”

A Future Focused on Fans

Louise Bach, Global Sponsorships Director at Carlsberg, echoes these sentiments, highlighting the partnership’s fan-centric approach. The extension promises to bring this unique relationship to millions of football enthusiasts worldwide, reinforcing Carlsberg’s commitment to putting fans first. This fan-focused philosophy was exemplified when Carlsberg demonstrated exceptional class by removing their name from Mohamed Salah’s Man of the Match infographic, a gesture that resonates with the ethos of both the club and its sponsor.

Conclusion: A Partnership Built to Last

As Liverpool and Carlsberg embark on this renewed journey, the next decade promises to be as exciting and fruitful as the last. Their partnership, rooted in shared values and a deep connection with fans, sets a benchmark for sponsorships in modern football.

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