Kennett: “Diaz’s Numbers Are Becoming a Huge Concern”

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Liverpool Analysis: Sheffield Utd and Crystal Palace Clashes

Insights from Under Pressure Podcast

Liverpool’s recent performances against Sheffield Utd and Crystal Palace have been a mix of tactical mastery and areas needing improvement. Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, and Phil Barter dissect these matches, providing valuable insights into Liverpool’s approach and execution.

Sheffield Utd Game: A Tactical Overview

The Under Pressure team observed Liverpool’s gameplay against Sheffield Utd, noting the team’s reliance on set pieces and a lack of open-play penetration. Dan Kennett highlighted, “The first half was all set play shots in the box after Salah’s chance.” This reliance indicated a struggle to break down Sheffield Utd’s deep block.

Phil Barter added, “With Matip out, it’s worrying…his foot was planted, and there was a force applied, which rotated the knee.” The injury to Joel Matip was a significant blow, impacting Liverpool’s defensive solidity.

Crystal Palace Encounter: Challenges and Adaptations

Against Crystal Palace, Liverpool faced different challenges. Dan Kennett pointed out, “We had 82% possession after the red card but only managed three shots to two.” This statistic underlines Liverpool’s difficulty in capitalizing on their ball dominance.

Phil Barter observed, “Diaz’s average position is deeper than against Sheffield United. He’s cutting inside, becoming predictable for the opposition.” This shift in Diaz’s role affected Liverpool’s attacking dynamics, making them less threatening on the left flank.

Collective Strength and Individual Performances

Despite challenges, Liverpool’s collective strength was evident. Phil Barter noted, “Endo’s passing success is actually pretty decent at 92% for this game.” This highlights the team’s ability to retain possession and control the tempo.

Dan Rhodes added, “Elliot’s goal was a perfect example…he drove at the defence and took the shot.” This individual brilliance underscores Liverpool’s capacity to find moments of quality amidst tough games.


Liverpool’s recent matches against Sheffield Utd and Crystal Palace showcased their tactical flexibility and resilience. While there are areas for improvement, the team’s ability to adapt and find solutions remains a key strength.

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