Steve Mcmanaman: “I’d Be Gutted If Gomez Left”

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Joe Gomez: Liverpool’s Underrated Gem

Steve McManaman’s recent admission of how “gutted” he would be if Joe Gomez were to leave Liverpool highlights a crucial point in the Reds’ current dynamics. As reported by The Liverpool Echo, McManaman’s views on Gomez reflect a sentiment that many fans might share, yet seldom vocalise. This season, Gomez has emerged not just as a reliable player, but as a vital cog in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool machine. He’s been adaptive, playing across various positions due to injuries to key players like Andy Robertson, Joel Matip, and Kostas Tsimikas.

Gomez: The Silent Warrior

Gomez’s contribution this season has been significant, yet understated. McManaman eloquently put it: “He is a quiet lad, who has had terrible injuries in the past…he is underrated.” It’s easy to overlook a player like Gomez, who isn’t as visible in the media or on social media as some of his teammates. His low profile, combined with his adaptability, has perhaps led to a lack of appreciation for his true value to the team. But as McManaman points out, his versatility, while beneficial to the team, could be to his personal detriment.

The Tactical Dilemma: Gomez’s Role in Klopp’s Plan

The Echo’s coverage of McManaman’s thoughts on Gomez’s role, particularly in relation to Trent Alexander-Arnold, opens up a tactical discussion. When Gomez fills in at right-back, it allows Alexander-Arnold to play in midfield, a strategy that has seen success, like in the Reds’ 2-1 win over Crystal Palace. But McManaman raises a valid point: should this be a regular feature or just a tactical switch during games? His belief in starting Alexander-Arnold at right-back, thereby including an additional midfielder, speaks to the nuanced understanding of Liverpool’s gameplay.

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An Indispensable Asset

Gomez’s overall impact this season has been impressive, with 24 first-team appearances. His ability to adapt to different roles within the team, be it at centre-back or right-back, has been crucial. McManaman compares Gomez to players like Lucas Vasquez and Nacho at Real Madrid, highlighting the importance of such versatile players in a squad. They might not always grab the headlines, but their contribution is invaluable.

Joe Gomez’s story this season is one of quiet resilience and adaptability. His ability to fill multiple roles effectively has been a boon for Liverpool, especially during injury crises. However, his versatility could also be seen as a double-edged sword, possibly overshadowing his individual brilliance. Steve McManaman’s insights, as shared with The Liverpool Echo, offer a deeper appreciation of Gomez’s role in the team – a role that may not always be glamorous, but is undeniably essential to Liverpool’s success.

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