Report: Liverpool Fight With Man Utd for Benfica’s £104m Star

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Benfica’s Stance on Joao Neves Amidst Mounting Interest

The Merseyside’s recent showing of interest in Joao Neves is expected to stir a swift and strategic response from Benfica in the coming week. As a young midfielder carving out a notable reputation, Neves is at the centre of an unfolding narrative of talent and ambition.

Contract and Clauses: Benfica’s Bold Move

Reports from ‘O Jogo’ suggest an imminent move by Benfica to secure Neves with a new, more lucrative contract. The prodigious teenager, who has made an indelible mark in 2023, finds himself as a staple in the esteemed Portuguese side, attracting keen eyes from all corners of football, notably from Premier League giants such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Newcastle United, and Liverpool. The race for his signature is far from concluded, with Benfica preparing to escalate his release clause in a decisive manoeuvre.

Despite his current £500k per year contract, which places him at the lower echelon of the first-team wage structure, Neves’s release clause is a substantial £104m. Benfica’s ambition doesn’t end there, with plans to elevate this figure to a staggering £130m, mirroring the clause of former player Darwin Nunez prior to his Liverpool move. This isn’t merely about finances; it’s a statement of intent and belief in a player still in the early chapters of his career.

2024: A Defining Year for Neves and Benfica

As we usher in 2024, Benfica are poised to solidify their stance. The signing of the new deal, expected in the early days of the new year, is more than a contract; it’s a testament to the club’s vision and the faith they place in their young star. Despite the swirling interest and the inevitable lure of European giants, Benfica stands firm, ready to secure their prized asset’s future.

The Wider Implications and Summer Speculations

The situation is reminiscent of the Enzo Fernandez saga, where a hefty release clause didn’t deter an eventual January move to Chelsea. While Benfica’s resolve remains strong and manager Roger Schmidt asserts Neves’s non-availability, the dynamics of football transfers are ever unpredictable. A move in January seems unlikely, but the summer may well unfold a different tale, with potential offers far beneath the anticipated release clause.

Statistical Analysis by Anfield Index: João Neves’ Metrics Dissected

The latest data visualisation from Fbref showcases João Neves as a midfielder whose performance in the attacking third is commendable. His percentile rank in key offensive metrics is strong, particularly in ‘Shots Total’ and ‘Non-Penalty Goals’, indicating a player who isn’t shy to test the keeper. What catches the eye, however, is his outstanding ‘Assists’ percentile, suggesting that Neves has a keen eye for creating opportunities. This is underpinned by his ‘Shot-Creating Actions’, illustrating that he is a creative hub for his team.

Possession and Passing Mastery

Switching focus to possession, Neves’ chart tells a story of a player central to his team’s playmaking. His percentile for ‘Passes Attempted’ is off the charts, and when paired with his ‘Pass Completion %’, it becomes evident that Neves isn’t just busy with the ball; he’s effective too. His skill in maintaining possession is further highlighted by his ‘Progressive Carries’ and ‘Progressive Passes’, marking him as a player who drives the team forward with intent and precision.

Defensive Contributions and Work Rate

Even the most forward-thinking of midfielders must contribute defensively, and Neves appears to embrace this aspect of the game. His ‘Blocks’ and ‘Interceptions’ are in the high percentiles, indicating a robust work rate and a strong defensive mind. ‘Tackles’, too, are a notable strength, suggesting that Neves is as much a nuisance to his opponents as he is a catalyst for his own side.

Final Thoughts on Neves’ Versatile Profile

Fbref’s performance data paints a comprehensive picture of João Neves as a multi-faceted midfielder who excels in various aspects of the game. His ability to impact play on both ends of the pitch not only makes him a valuable asset for Benfica but also marks him as an enticing prospect for clubs like Liverpool, who value such versatility. Neves’ stats reflect a player whose performances are grounded in both flair and function, making him one to watch in the seasons to come.

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  1. Man u must learn to act on such players , success comes with serious sacrifice and swift action,this is modern football market.they must fight for wirtz,neves,Antonio Silva,messinho,scaldvini,inacio,sesko,diogo Costa, Bijlow, lorran,kvicha kvara and learn to compete with serious clubs.we are too slow no wonder we lag behind small clubs


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