Revealing Mac Allister’s Ink: From Faith to Football

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Alexis Mac Allister’s Inked Journey: From World Cup Dreams to Liverpool Connection

Mac Allister’s Tattoos: A Canvas of Life and Passion

Alexis Mac Allister’s body art is more than just skin deep; it’s a reflection of his life journey, passions, and dreams. In an interview with for Carlsberg’s Inked series, the Reds and Argentina midfielder shares the stories behind his tattoos, a near-full left arm of significant imprints. Mac Allister’s tattoos cover a range of personal subjects, from family to religion, and, naturally, football, each with a profound ‘why’ behind them.

His tattoos include a ‘98’ to represent the year of his birth, a child with a ball walking towards a heart symbolizing his love for football, and the names of his parents and two elder brothers. Mac Allister humorously reveals, “I’m still missing my sister but I will get it done. I know she thinks about it! So I want her to be here as well.” This showcases his emphasis on family loyalty and love, pillars in his life.

Football and Faith: Mac Allister’s Core Inspirations

Integral to Mac Allister’s tattoos are the elements that reflect his football journey and religious beliefs. Imagery of Jesus Christ, and dates of significant football milestones, such as his debut with Argentinos Juniors and their promotion to the top flight, are etched in ink. Mac Allister also has a phrase in Spanish, translating to ‘trust yourself and your people’, echoing his belief in self-confidence and the strength of his inner circle.

A slight regret in his tattoo collection is a roulette wheel, chosen to display shirt numbers used by himself and his brothers. Misinterpreted often, Mac Allister explains, “I could say I maybe regret [that] one! Because I got a roulette [wheel] and some people think that I like to gamble or like roulette, and that’s not the case of course.”

World Cup Triumph and Liverpool Love: Future Tattoo Plans

Mac Allister’s recent career achievements have given him ample inspiration for more tattoos. He played a pivotal role in Argentina’s World Cup triumph in December 2022 and was instrumental in Brighton & Hove Albion securing European football qualification. These milestones are set to be commemorated in ink, with Mac Allister stating, “Of course, I won the World Cup [with Argentina] so it’s something that I’ve got in mind. Maybe this year I will get a big one on my back.”

His connection with Liverpool is strong enough to inspire a Reds-themed tattoo. Mac Allister feels a huge rapport with the club and supporters and is already considering adding a Liverpool tattoo to his collection. “Since the first day I felt a really good connection with this club and I’m really happy to be here,” he says. A trophy win with Liverpool might find its way onto his leg, as Mac Allister hopes to celebrate future successes with the club in ink.

The Art of Expression: Tattoos as a Reflection of Self

Mac Allister’s tattoos are a vivid expression of his journey, both personal and professional. They tell stories of his love for football, his deep family connections, his faith, and his aspirations. For Mac Allister, tattoos are not just about aesthetics; they are about meaningful expressions and commemorating life’s significant moments and achievements.

In conclusion, Alexis Mac Allister’s tattoos offer a glimpse into his life beyond the pitch. They narrate his journey from a young football enthusiast to a World Cup winner and a cherished player at Liverpool. His plans for future tattoos, celebrating his World Cup win and connection with Liverpool, symbolize his ongoing journey and the milestones he cherishes. Mac Allister’s inked journey is a testament to how tattoos can encapsulate life’s most profound and cherished moments.

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