Summarised: Jurgen Klopp’s Departure Press Conference

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Klopp Explains Departure in Special Press Conference:

Klopp on Timing of Announcement:

“With all the responsibility you have in this job you have to be at the top of your game, I’ve been doing this for 24 years now and when you have the career I have had its pretty much impossible to start where I start and arrive at Liverpool. It becomes possible because you’ve invested everything you have. I’ve realised that my resources are not endless and I preferred to put everything into this season and then have a break or stop. I didn’t think about it on purpose, it just happened, That was the moment I realised that this club needs a manager at the top of his game. I still think its the right thing to do, I’m convinced that its right.

Klopp on Current Emotions:

“Relief was there when I made the decision for myself, today is mixed. I’m not as emotional as I will be when the time comes. The two important things I had to was tell our supporters and tell the players, and the reaction from the players was so good. I’m fully here, we have so many things to do. There was tears and that’s normal after such a long time but the club needs time to plan the future while we are sorting the present. That’s exactly what will happen.”

Reaction of the Players:

“The players didn’t have many questions. I spoke to all the players and then a few separately and there’s no questions yet. The boys are in a really good mood, that’s not that they had a party when I told them but it’s different to other situations, where I don’t have to say goodbye yet.

The distraction comes from outside, but we will not let that happen. We can grow even more together in this situation and try to squeeze everything out of this season. We will fight for everything, I’m here with 100%, I just know I cant do this job in the future.”

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Potential Role in Recruitment:

“It looks like I do all the work but I don’t and I cant. We have built an incredibly strong structure behind the scenes, which allows me to take this decision. That means so many people will find the perfect solution for LFC. The last thing they need is advice from the old man walking out telling them ‘make sure you bring him in’, you know for most things I have an opinion and you will not believe for most things I didn’t say anything. I wish nothing but the very very very best and for now I can help them to achieve the best possible.”

Billy Hogan on Klopp Departure:

“Its hard to put into words how significant it is and when Jurgen joined us in 2015 he spoke about leaving the club in a better place than he found it and there’s no doubt that he has done that. He’s going to be here for several months, the news is sad, I’m sure a lot of supporters share that emotion. The first time we had a chat about his decision from a professional and personal stand point, I could see from my perspective that this was a decision that he had come to and was absolutely comfortable with. When your colleague and your friend comes to a decision like that then that’s something that you support and respect.”

Hogan on Successor:

“Myself and Gordon will be a part of that process and when we have further news on that then we can share it. But this is really an announcement that us and Jurgen are making but after today we are focused on the campaign ahead and making the 2023-24 season something that supporters can look back at with enjoyment.”

Klopp on Contract Extension:

“The summer was a difficult summer, it wasn’t like we had a lot of time to put the legs on the table. The preparation we had was outstanding and realising how good this team is gave me a lot of enjoyment. In this moment I love each minute, its just the stuff that you have to do next to it. I had six press conferences a week since nine years ago pretty much, I have no problem with you but I cant wait to not do this anymore.”

You have to be the best version of yourself, especially for a club like Liverpool, it means so much and is so important to so many people, I can’t only do it on three wheels. I never want to be a passenger, my managerial skills is based on energy and relationships and it takes all of you.”

I was 100% convinced I would go until 2026, but I misjudged it. My energy levels aren’t endless.”

On his Success at Liverpool:

“I don’t want to remember anything now, the best memories are yet to come. So many moments, but that’s not about today. A lot of special memories and no regrets.”



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