Phil Thompson on Klopp’s Exit at Liverpool

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Phil Thompson’s Heartfelt Reactions to Jürgen Klopp’s Departure from Liverpool

Liverpool in Shock: Klopp Steps Down

In a stunning turn of events, Jürgen Klopp has announced his decision to step down as manager of Liverpool at the end of this season. This news, breaking on Talksport with Jim White, Simon Jordan, and Martin Keown, sent shockwaves through the Liverpool community. Phil Thompson, Liverpool legend and former player expressed his devastation: “Absolutely devastated,” he admitted, recounting how the news broke while he was in an O2 store, leaving everyone around him shocked and heartbroken.

Klopp’s Energy Dwindles

Klopp’s departure, as per his admission, stems from a loss of energy. Thompson observed a change in Klopp last season, noting, “The energy had drained out of him.” Despite regaining some vigour this season, Thompson found the timing of the announcement shocking. “Why now? What’s happened?” he questioned, echoing the sentiments of many fans.

Liverpool’s Secret Kept Since November

Intriguingly, Klopp had informed the club of his decision in November, a fact that remained tightly under wraps. Thompson praised the club and owners for their discretion, saying, “Our club and the owners have been very good at doing things like that.” This level of confidentiality is rare in football, as Thompson humorously pointed out, “There will be a taxi driver who will know before anybody else.”

Klopp: Liverpool’s Modern-Day Shankly

Thompson likened Klopp’s impact on Liverpool to that of Bill Shankly, asserting, “This is as devastating as that news was to people.” He highlighted Klopp’s contributions to the club, making players like Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah, and Virgil van Dijk global stars. “This guy has brought us back honour,” Thompson stated, emphasizing Klopp’s pivotal role in challenging Manchester City and reviving Liverpool’s global reputation.

Klopp’s Legacy: More Than Just Trophies

It’s not just the silverware that defines Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool. Thompson highlighted the emotional and cultural revival Klopp brought to the club. “He gets our football club… you need to get us as people to succeed at our football club,” Thompson explained. Klopp’s ability to unite the club, the players, and the fans created a magical synergy that will be his lasting legacy.

The Future Post-Klopp

With Klopp’s departure, the question of succession looms large. “It’s big shoes to fill,” admitted Thompson. Whether it’s Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard, or someone else, the new manager will have a colossal task in maintaining the culture and success instilled by Klopp. Thompson’s message to the current players: “Rally the troops, go for glory.”


As Thompson aptly put it, Klopp’s departure marks the end of an era for Liverpool. The club, its players, and the fans now face a future without the charismatic German who redefined what it meant to be a part of Liverpool Football Club. Klopp leaves behind a legacy of passion, unity, and unforgettable football moments, etching his name alongside the greats of Liverpool’s storied history.

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