Anfield Aces: Liverpool FC Football Squadron Talents

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Many gems in football history belong to the Liverpool FC academy. The world calls them “Anfield Aces”, who come into the field to rule the pitch for 90 minutes wearing the Liverpool academy jersey. 

Liverpool FC is a name that holds a legacy of passion and glory. While the main team competes against the global football giants, the academy team nurtures players, to fight the same battle in the future. 

In this article, we are going to unveil everything about the “Anfield Aces” including the squad, the talents, their impact, and prospects. We gave a glimpse of the future Liverpool talents, for the hardcore fans out there.   

The Squad

Liverpool FC’s academy, the breeding ground for future Anfield heroes, brims with talented young players known as the Anfield Aces. 

Here we dive into the current 23/24 Liverpool FC squadron focusing on some of the key players who are captivating the attention of fans and scouts alike. 

U-21 team 

The academy features a lot of Liverpool FC players who are under the age of 21. These are some promising talents most likely to start in the main team very soon. 

Name Age  Position  Minutes played Points per game 
Fabian Mrozek 20 Goalkeeper 630’ 0.57
Marcelo Pitaulga  21 Goalkeeper 630’ 2.29
Jarell Quansah 20 Defender 90’ 3
Luke Chambers  19 Defender 810’ 1.78
James Norris  20 Defender 270’ 2.33
Josh Davidson 18 Defender 667’ 1.17
Carter Pennington 16 Defender  904’ 1.33
Amara Nallo 17 Defender  630’ 0.57
Isaac Mabaya 19 Defender  147’ 2.00
Lee Jonas 19 Defender 39’ 1.00
Luca Stephenson 20 Midfield  270’ 2.33
Bobby Clark 18 Midfield  552’ 2.14
Trey Nyoni 16 Midfield  315’ 0.60
Fola Onanuga 17 Midfield  84’ 0.00
Kieran Morrison  17 Midfield  141’ 0.33
Tom Hill 21 Midfield  715’ 2.00
Melkamu Frauendorf 20 Midfield  426’ 1.25
Ben Doak 18 Forward 98’ 1.50
Kaide Gordon 19 Forward 195’ 0.25
Paul Glatzel  22 Forward 540’ 1.67
Harvey Blair 20 Forward 91’ 1.50
Lewis Koumas 18 Forward 591’ 1.63
Jayden Danns  18 Forward 69’ 1.50
Trent Kone Doherty 17 Forward 276’ 0.83
Oakley Cannonier  19 Forward 224’ 2.20
Mateusz Musialowski 20 Forward 962’ 1.55

U-18 team

While discovering the talents, we found the U-18 team which supposedly can become the real future of Liverpool FC. 

Name Age  Position  Minutes played Points per game 
Reece Trueman  18 Goalkeeper 60’ 3.00
Nathan Morana 18 Goalkeeper 360’ 1.50
Nathan Giblin  18 Defender 104’ 2.00
Wellity Lucky 18 Defender 886’ 2.18
Francis Gyimah 17 Defender 766’ 2.18
Josh Davidson 18 Defender 405’ 1.80
Joe Bradshaw 15 Midfield 44’ 3.00
Joe Upton 15 Midfield 9’ 3.00
Joshua Lambie  Midfield 406’ 1.71
Tyler Martin Midfield 4’ 3.00
Joe Lipton Midfield 90’ 0.00
Micheal Laffey 18 Midfield 560’ 2.10
Kyle kelly 18 Midfield 514’ 2.14
Cody Pennington  17 Midfield 522’ 1.67
Lamore Forrester  16 Midfield 66’ 0.00
Keyrol Figueroa  17 Forward 304’ 1.80
Ranel Young 18 Forward 251’ 2.25
Trent Kone Doherty  17 Forward 798’ 2.67
Lewis Koumas 18 Forward 359’ 2.25
Jayden Danns  18 Forward 924’ 1.91


Liverpool has another team to nurture even younger talents. It’s the Liverpool Youth team that trains players from a very young age.  And then transfer them to the next teams when they are of that age.  

The Talents

Beyond statistics and positions, the true magic of the Anfield Aces lies in their individual talents and unique skills. It strengthens them, sets them apart, and holds the promise of future greatness. 

Photo: IMAGO

Let’s get an in-depth look into some of the extraordinary talents who can make it into the top teams one day. 

Kaide Gordon: 

Kaide Gordon (19-year-old) is the name of the most professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Liverpool. With dazzling dribbling skills and speedy passes, he becomes Liverpool’s second young goalscorer in all matches.        

Did you watch his 7 goals and 4 assists in the U23 Premier League? If yes, then football lovers like you noticed his attacking prowess where his creative spark elevates. As a mindblowing football player, he has the confidence to put his name in the Liverpool midfielders list.

Bobby Clark

Nicknamed “Little Gerrard” for his leadership qualities and composure on the ball, Clark is a midfield maestro in the making. 

His 3 goals and 2 assists hint at his attacking threat, but his true strength lies in dictating the tempo of the game. He can spray pinpoint passes and control the midfield with an assured calmness. It’s the classic trait of traditional English midfielders. 

Ben Doak

Ben Gannon Doak is the name of a Scottish professional footballer who started his career at Balry Rovers (hometown club). As the youngest goalscorer and left-footed wizard, he leaves defenders puzzled and mesmerized with his agility and close control.

However, his most recognized achievement which showed his potential is the U18 Premier League game. In this game, he earned 8 goals and 5 assists. His special kick lies in his ability to weave through tight spaces and amazing scoring opportunities. 

Trent Kone-Doherty

A natural-born finisher, Kone-Doherty is a goalscoring machine in the making. Did you see Kone-Doherty’s most exciting and wonderful game of the U18 Premier League?

With 12 goals he showed the world his clinical finishing and powerful presence in the box. He is one of those professional strikers who thrives on creating space and burying chances with ruthless efficiency. 

The Impact

Every Anfield Aces has their unbeatable skills. Also, their presence in Liverpool FC reveals hidden strength and creates ripples of impact that extend far beyond the academy walls.

Here’s how these young stars are influencing the club:

On-field Performance:


  • Depth and Competition: The rise of the Aces injects fresh energy and competition into the senior squad. 

Players like Tyler Morton and Kaide Gordon have already shown off their skills in the first team. This created healthy competition in the team, which not only kept everyone on their toes but also elevated the overall performance. 

  • Tactical Flexibility: The diverse skills within the academy equip the senior team with tactical flexibility. 

Klopp can now experiment with formations and playing styles, knowing he has talented youngsters ready to adapt and contribute.

  • Futureproofing the Squad: The Aces act as a reliable pipeline for future talent, ensuring a continuous supply of homegrown players to maintain Liverpool’s long-term success. 

The club becomes less reliant on expensive transfers and cultivates a unique identity built on its academy graduates.

Ranking and Reputation:


  • Enhanced Standing: The consistent production of top-quality talents strengthens Liverpool’s reputation as a breeding ground for future stars. 

This attracts both promising young players and top-tier coaches, further bolstering the club’s competitive edge.

  • Financial Benefits: Developing its players reduces reliance on expensive transfers, leading to improved financial stability. 

This way, Liverpool doesn’t need to worry about players, they can spend their money on other spaces of the team. 

  • Fan Engagement: By creating a unique bond between football fans and players, it witnesses the blossoming of homegrown talent. The “local lad makes good” narrative resonates deeply with supporters, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the club’s future.

Response from Fans and Stakeholders:


  • Fans: The Anfield Aces are met with immense enthusiasm and optimism from the Liverpool faithful. 

Seeing talented youngsters emerge from the academy reignites the “Boot Room” spirit and fuels dreams of future glory. 

Social media explodes with praise and anticipation for the next generation of Reds. And the prediction sites are already placing their bets on the talents. 

  • Alumnus: Senior players have welcomed the competition and fresh energy brought by the Aces. 

Mentorship programs thrive, as experienced stars guide and nurture the youngsters, ensuring a smooth transition to the first team.

  • First team managers and staff: Klopp and his coaching staff are understandably excited about the talent pool at their disposal. 

The academy provides them with a wider range of options and allows them to implement their philosophy with even greater precision.

The Future

The Anfield Aces aren’t just talented youngsters; they represent the very lifeblood of Liverpool FC’s future. Their potential is undeniable, and the anticipation surrounding their ascent to the senior team is perceivable.

Photo: IMAGO

Our Liverpool predictions based on these players should give you a little glimpse of what the future can look like.  

Promising Prospects:

Each Ace possesses a unique skill set and a burning desire to succeed. Players like Kaide Gordon and Ben Doak have the potential to become game-changers with their brilliant footwork and creative spark. 

Others, like Bobby Clark, possess the leadership qualities and tactical intelligence to dictate the tempo of midfield battles. 

The attacking prowess of Trent Kone-Doherty further highlights the depth and versatility of this exceptional talent pool.

Challenges and Preparations:

The path to Anfield glory isn’t without its hurdles. Integrating young players into the senior squad requires careful management, balancing playing time and development needs. 

Maintaining a healthy blend of experience and youthful exuberance will be crucial. Getting that perfect blend and balance is the most challenging aspect for the team. 

The club boasts a robust development program that extends beyond technical skills. Mental strength, resilience, and tactical understanding are nurtured alongside raw talent. 

Klopp and his coaching staff foster a close-knit environment. From senior players to mentoring the youngsters, all ensure a smooth transition to the first team. 

A Symbiotic Future:

The success of the Anfield Aces is connected with the future of Liverpool FC. Their talent and dedication inject fresh energy into the club, while the club’s infrastructure and support system provide the platform for their brilliance to flourish. 

This symbiotic relationship promises a future where the echoes of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” resonate with the passion of both established stars and the next generation of Anfield heroes.

As we all know, the future prediction is always uncertain. But one thing is clear: the Anfield Aces are the embodiment of Liverpool FC’s vibrant future. 

All these young stars have shown their unbeatable powers. Also, the world watches with anticipation, eager to witness the next chapter in the glorious saga of Liverpool Football Club.


With immense talent filled within the Anfield Aces squad, it becomes such a relief for a coach like Jurgen Klopp to build his dream team. His guidance can turn these talents like Gordon, Doak, Clark, and Doherty into superstars in the future.

One thing is for sure, Liverpool has already set a base for their future success. Now how bright these stars will shine, is up to the clock. 

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