Liverpool Transfer Links To €70m ‘Next Mascherano’ Heat Up – Statistical Analysis

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Alan Varela: Europe’s Rising Midfield Maestro

Rising Star on the European Stage

In the dynamic world of European football, few stories capture the imagination like the meteoric rise of a young talent. Alan Varela, the Argentine midfielder making waves at FC Porto, is the latest name on everyone’s lips. His exceptional performance in both the Portuguese league and the Champions League has caught the attention of Europe’s top clubs. Foot Mercato’s insightful article sheds light on Varela’s journey and the interest he’s garnering from powerhouses like PSG, Liverpool, and Borussia Dortmund.

Porto’s Midas Touch in Talent Scouting

Portuguese clubs have long been heralded for their knack for discovering and nurturing talent, especially from Argentina. FC Porto’s acquisition of Varela from Boca Juniors for €8 million (plus €3 million in bonuses) epitomizes this strategy. Porto’s investment is paying off both on the pitch and potentially in the transfer market, thanks to Varela’s standout performances.

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Varela’s Impressive Skill Set

Varela, a 22-year-old from Isidro Casanova, brings a blend of aggressive play and ball recovery skills to the midfield. His ability to distribute the ball with precision sets him apart. His adaptability to European football is evident, having become a fan favourite at Porto with nearly 30 matches under his belt since his arrival.

In the Footsteps of Javier Mascherano

Dubbed as the ‘new Javier Mascherano,’ Varela has impressed in his Champions League outings, notably against Shakhtar Donetsk and Arsenal. His recent performance against Benfica further cements his reputation, with stats like a 94% pass completion rate and significant contributions in tackles and ball recoveries.


The Transfer Tug-of-War

Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, and PSG have shown concrete interest in Varela, aligning with his soaring profile. However, FC Porto’s asking price of €70 million, equal to his release clause, reflects their valuation of this rising star. Boca Juniors also stands to benefit financially due to a sell-on clause in the original transfer deal.

Varela’s Trajectory: Testament to Talent and Opportunity

Alan Varela’s story is not just about individual talent but also the systems that bring such talent to the fore. FC Porto’s foresight in acquiring and nurturing Varela is commendable, as is the player’s own determination and adaptability in a new football culture. The interest from top European clubs is a testament to Varela’s capabilities and his potential to shine on bigger stages.

As the football world watches, it’s clear that Varela is not just a player for today but a promise for tomorrow. His journey, from the streets of Isidro Casanova to the grand stages of European football, mirrors the dreams of many young footballers. It’s a story of talent, opportunity, and the magic of the beautiful game.

Statistical Analysis by Anfield Index of Alan Varela

Midfield Maestro: Dissecting Varela’s Data

The spider graph here, a visual feast courtesy of Fbref, offers a deep dive into the world of midfield maestros, pinpointing the array of skills a player like Alan Varela brings to the pitch. Through the lens of performance data and stats, Varela’s capabilities are laid bare, painting a picture of a player whose attributes span a broad spectrum of the game.

Defensive Duties: Varela’s Forte

Firstly, the defensive aspects of Varela’s game shine brightly. In the red zone, his percentile ranks in tackles and interceptions sit comfortably in the upper echelon among midfielders, indicating a robust presence in breaking down opposition play. His ability to read the game is further highlighted by impressive numbers in clearances and blocks, with ranks in the 80s percentile, showcasing his preventative prowess.

Progressive Playmaking Skills

Venturing into possession statistics, the yellow sector tells a compelling tale of creativity. Varela’s performance data suggests an inherent knack for moving the ball forward, both in terms of progressive passes and carries. It’s this aspect of his game that has likely caught the eyes of Europe’s elite clubs, with a remarkable 90th and 92nd percentile standing in these areas, respectively.

Room for Growth in Attack

Attacking stats provide a mixed bag for Varela. While his shot-creating actions are noteworthy, there’s room for growth in direct goal contributions, as seen in his assists and non-penalty goals metrics. This area presents an opportunity for Varela to polish his game, translating his evident playmaking ability into tangible end-product numbers.

Varela’s Statistic Symphony

Alan Varela’s performance data and stats offer more than just numbers; they represent a symphony of football abilities, harmonizing to create a player who can influence games in a multitude of ways. As football continually evolves into a data-driven sport, Varela’s profile, as illustrated by this insightful visual from Fbref, is an exemplar of the modern midfielder — dynamic, diligent, and ever-developing.

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