Boardman: ‘Mo Salah not the same player since AFCON injury return’

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Premier League Insights: Analysing Liverpool’s Recent Struggles and Revival

Liverpool’s Roller Coaster Season

In a recent episode of “Scouser Tommies” on Anfield Index, Jim Boardman and Jay Reid delved into Liverpool’s tumultuous season, which has seen both highs and lows. Liverpool, once securely controlling their destiny in the Premier League, experienced a significant dip in form but have shown signs of recovery.

Fluctuating Fortunes

Liverpool’s season has been a tale of fluctuating fortunes. Boardman noted that “when we last did a podcast, it was definitely in our own hands, and now it’s not in our own hands, but you don’t give up hope till the end.” The impact of this roller coaster on the team’s performance has been notable. Following losses to teams like Palace and a disheartening draw with Manchester United, Reid reflected on the psychological impact, stating, “It just feels like our confidence went, you know, we just got hit in the face.”

Recent Resurgence

Despite these setbacks, there has been a recent resurgence in Liverpool’s form, highlighted by a victory over Fulham. Boardman expressed relief over returning to winning ways, “We won on Sunday… we beat Fulham… it’s not been great this year Liverpool playing in London usually because the referees come along and spoiled it, but we actually got away with it this time.”

Detailed Match Analysis

Diving deeper into specific matches, the discussion highlighted Liverpool’s tactical and mental lapses, particularly against Manchester United and Atlanta. Reid pointed out the team’s failure to capitalize on dominant periods of play, “We played quite well, we had so much control but… you’ve actually got to do the bit where you put the ball in the back of the net.”

Impact of Tactical Changes

The conversation also covered Liverpool’s tactical adjustments and player performances. Boardman and Reid discussed the impact of rotating players and the need for key players like Mo Salah to regain form. “Mo Salah… he’s not been the same player since he came back,” Boardman noted, emphasizing the need for tactical freshness and individual player resurgence.

Looking Ahead

As Liverpool navigates the remainder of the season, the focus is on regaining consistency and finishing strong. The podcast reflects a blend of analysis and fan perspective, providing a comprehensive look at the team’s current state and future challenges.

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