Report: What are Arne Slot’s Priorities Upon His Liverpool Arrival?

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Arne Slot’s Challenges at Liverpool: A Critical Analysis

Arne Slot, soon to transition from Rotterdam to the helm of Liverpool, must tackle some crucial issues identified during the team’s recent performance at West Ham. His new role comes with its set of expectations and challenges, as outlined in a recent analysis by The Telegraph.

Addressing Salah’s Saga

The dynamic between Mo Salah and the former manager, Jurgen Klopp, left an intriguing narrative at the London Stadium. Despite Klopp’s dismissal of any lingering issues, stating that everything was sorted, Salah hinted at a deeper conflict, remarking, “if I spoke about what had happened there would be fire.” This underscores a critical managerial task for Slot: to mend fences or make tough decisions if necessary. Salah’s lack of goals recently does not overshadow his potential impact. Slot, known for his man-management skills, faces the immediate task of either rejuvenating Salah’s spark or considering a strategic pivot which might involve parting ways, as suggested by Ally McCoist on TNT Sport.

Tactical Set-Piece Overhaul

Liverpool’s set-piece vulnerabilities were laid bare when 5ft 9in Jarrod Bowen outjumped 6ft 5in Virgil van Dijk. This incident is not just about a missed jump but highlights a systemic issue in set-piece defence that Slot must urgently address. A dedicated set-piece coach might find his skills in high demand as Slot looks to tighten up these critical moments in a match.

Photo: IMAGO

Injecting Vitality into the Team

The fading vigour of Klopp’s Liverpool, once renowned for its energetic, high-tempo play, poses another significant challenge for Slot. The anticipated energy, crucial to sustaining a campaign across multiple fronts, seemed diminished. Players like Alexis Mac Allister have shown signs of fatigue, possibly exacerbated by the emotional toll of Klopp’s departure. Slot’s pre-season will need to focus on revitalizing the team’s spirit and physical readiness.

Exploiting the Full-Backs’ Offensive Capabilities

On a positive note, Slot inherits arguably the Premier League’s finest attacking full-back duo: Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Despite their sporadic availability this season due to injuries, their performance against West Ham was a testament to their ability. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold were pivotal, with Robertson even scoring. Slot must prioritize their fitness and integration to leverage their offensive capabilities fully.

Emulating Klopp’s Charismatic Leadership

Finally, the task of stepping into Klopp’s shoes involves more than tactical and player management. David Moyes, reflecting on Klopp’s impact, remarked, “He’s the Daddy there.” Slot must cultivate a similar presence and connection with the club and its community, embodying the club’s ethos and driving its aspirations forward.

Arne Slot faces a complex landscape as he prepares to take charge at Liverpool. His managerial acumen, tactical insight, and ability to inspire may well determine whether he can steer Liverpool back to its high standards. As The Telegraph insightfully points out, the coming months will be pivotal for Slot and Liverpool, marking either a renewed ascent or a struggle to reclaim their top form.

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