Simon Jordan Salah Comments: Ignore The Nonsense

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Mo Salah: A World-Class Act Underscored by Unparalleled Stats

Responding to Critics with Facts

Why people engage with it I’ve no idea. In the arena of football, opinions fly as fiercely as the balls kicked into the back of the net. Yet, when critics like Simon Jordan challenge the calibre of players such as Mohamed Salah, it becomes essential to ground our responses in undeniable evidence. Jordan’s recent comments on talkSPORT were blunt: “I know this is controversial and people are going to tell me what a clown I am and I should ride around in a clown car, but I’m not a fan of Mo Salah. I don’t think he’s as good as people make him out to be. I think he dives, I think he can be a fair weather player.”

Such statements spark controversy, particularly from a figure whose voice carries weight in the sports community. However, Salah’s stats speak louder than any critique. They paint a picture of a player whose boots tread the path of greatness. We all know this so why people feel the need to try and justify it is anyone’s guess.

Salah’s Record Speaks Volumes

A look at Salah’s scoring record for Liverpool solidifies his world-class status. With an astounding total of 39 goals against the top six Premier League teams, Salah leads this elite tally for any Liverpool player by a significant margin. The nearest competitors, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, have scored 25 and 20 goals, respectively. This statistic alone should quell any doubts about Salah’s prowess in crucial matches where pressure mounts and the opposition is formidable. Where’s that clown car again?

Performance Across Leagues

Salah’s impact isn’t confined to the English Premier League. His journey through various clubs across Europe showcases his consistent ability to find the back of the net. At Liverpool, Salah has scored a staggering 210 goals in 346 appearances. This is without even considering the 88 assists alongside it. It’s tempting to even ignore the multiple golden boot awards, the fact he’s scored in a champions league final and won everything you can possibly win but it seems others have.

Beyond the Stats: A World-Class Talent

The critique that Salah is not “world-class” because he allegedly “dives” or fades under adverse conditions overlooks the broader context of his achievements and doesn’t stack up. The suggestion that he is a “fair weather player” is contradicted by his numerous clutch performances in pivotal matches. Look at how we struggled last season and how many he got still. These moments are not just about scoring but also about inspiring his team and fans by standing up when it counts. Salah’s ability to shine against the stiffest opponents underlines his elite status and disproves the notion that he does not perform in tough situations.

Emphasising the Positive: Engage with Facts, Not Fallacies

In a world rife with opinions, the discourse around a player’s status should be rooted in facts rather than swayed by unfounded criticisms. The data supporting Salah’s excellence is overwhelming. Engaging with comments that undermine proven talent based on personal bias or without substantial evidence does little to enhance the sports dialogue. Instead, it fosters a culture where sensationalism trumps substance. In short, Jordan knows it’s not true. In a moment that’s not one of the greatest for Liverpool, that’s exactly who he’s trying to score points against. Don’t give any oxygen to the pointless fire.

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