“My Bond With Liverpool is Still There” – Xabi Alonso Discusses Liverpool Links

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Xabi Alonso and His Loyalty to Leverkusen: A Missed Opportunity for Liverpool?

Decision to Decline Liverpool’s Advance

Xabi Alonso, the revered former Liverpool midfielder, has recently spoken out about his choice to remain as the manager of Bayer Leverkusen, despite speculation linking him to a return to Anfield. Alonso’s tenure at Leverkusen has been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in a historic Bundesliga title and a DFB-Pokal victory, marking an invincible season domestically for the German club. However, their dream of a treble was thwarted by a defeat in the Europa League final against Atalanta.

In a sport where managerial moves are as strategic as the games themselves, Alonso’s decision raises questions about the allure of former clubs versus current successes. “All these decisions, they need to be thorough,” Alonso stated, underscoring the deliberative nature of his choice. His response to whether he had been in contact with Liverpool was cryptic: “That’s kind of behind the curtains,” hinting at discussions that perhaps did not lead to a definitive offer.

Alonso’s Impact at Leverkusen

The impact Alonso has had at Leverkusen is undeniable. Leading them to their first-ever Bundesliga title is a testament to his leadership and tactical acumen. This achievement not only elevated the club’s status but also solidified Alonso’s reputation as a top-tier manager. The allure of continuing his project at Leverkusen, where he has established a strong foundation, seems to have outweighed the sentimental pull of a return to Liverpool.

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Liverpool’s Managerial Search

Liverpool, on the other hand, found themselves at a managerial crossroads when Jurgen Klopp announced his impending departure. The club’s link to Alonso was fuelled by his legendary status at Anfield and his recent successes in Germany. However, Liverpool sources have maintained that no formal approach was made before Alonso’s declaration of allegiance to Leverkusen, suggesting that the club was prepared to respect his commitment to the German side’s title aspirations.

The Reds eventually appointed Feyenoord’s Arne Slot, marking a new chapter for the club. This decision, while pragmatic, leaves fans to wonder what might have been if Alonso had chosen to return. Would his deep understanding of Liverpool’s ethos and his fresh European managerial success have brought a new era of success to Anfield?

Future for Alonso and Liverpool

Looking forward, Alonso’s career as a manager appears bright, with a potential return to Premier League sidelines not out of the question in the future. His bond with Liverpool remains intact, and as he himself acknowledged, “For sure, my bond with Liverpool is there and it’s still there. So there’s no, any kind of issue with that.”

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For Liverpool, the appointment of Arne Slot is an exciting development, but the shadow of what might have been with Alonso will linger, particularly if he continues to excel in the Bundesliga. The narrative of Alonso’s managerial career is still being written, and Liverpool may yet feature in future chapters.


In football, timing is everything, both on and off the pitch. Alonso’s decision to stay at Leverkusen reflects a commitment to continuity and growth at a club that has embraced his vision. For Liverpool, the search for Klopp’s successor has taken a different path, one that promises its own stories and potentially, its own triumphs. Yet, the romanticism of football often leaves fans dreaming about reunions with past heroes. Alonso’s tenure at Leverkusen, while a boon for the Bundesliga club, will always be a poignant ‘what if’ for Liverpool supporters.

In a sport governed by both heart and mind, Xabi Alonso’s saga is a compelling narrative of loyalty, strategy, and unfulfilled reunions, captivating fans and pundits alike.

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