Goal! Scoring Big with Blockchain: The Future of Premier League Betting Through Crypto Casinos 

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Sports betting and cryptocurrency might seem like two different paths, but they have emerged together in recent years. This has happened due to the increased knowledge bettors have gained about how digital currencies like Bitcoin can be used effectively when placing bets on sporting events they regularly wager on. 

Indeed, Premier League bettors have begun to notice that using crypto can improve their overall sports betting experiences. They’ve noticed that sites like cryptocasinoltd.com have started compiling all of the top locations in which they can gamble in confidence, enjoying the benefits that can be obtained when wagering with their preferred cryptos.

The Rise of Crypto in Sports Betting

There has been a general rise in the usage of cryptocurrency for online gambling in recent years. According to research, the crypto betting market has been increasing by around 30% year-on-year. This figure has been impossible to ignore by many, including operators that have started to incorporate the digital currency as a means of accepted payment for people who wish to make deposits into their accounts. 

As noted, placing bets with cryptocurrency offers several advantages. All of these have had an influential impact on the growth figure recorded, as they have each enhanced the overall experience. 

For instance, bettors of the Premier League can now wager anonymously, thus allowing them to be secure with their details and privacy. They no longer have to share financial details like banking information, nor do they have to share information about their personal self, allowing them to wager in confidence and not fear their data being stolen. In addition, transaction speeds are quicker than fiat options, meaning they can withdraw any winnings they may have made when predicting the correct outcome faster and usually without big fees.

Blockchain Technology and the Premier League

Blockchain technology is a key component of most (if not all) cryptocurrencies. It is the public ledger on which all transactions are stored, making them transparent and visible from the beginning to the end. Its introduction into sports betting has been positive, as it means users can track their bets on the Premier League and ensure they haven’t been tampered with. This ensures fairness and can build a sense of trust that some may not have with traditional fiat transactions.

Several partnerships have been between Premier League clubs and cryptocurrency organizations over the last few seasons. During the 2022/23 campaign, 18 of the 20 clubs had some form of partnership or sponsorship with one exchange or platform. There has been a history of clubs being partnered with sports betting platforms, which is still prominent today, but not for much longer. There are plans in place to ban shirt sponsorship deals with betting companies from the start of the 2026-27 campaign.

Case Studies

As mentioned, there have been several instances in the past where Premier League clubs have partnered with crypto-based companies, but are there any teams that have sponsorships with bookmakers that offer crypto casinos to punters? 

According to figures, seven of the 20 clubs in England’s top league have partnerships with sportsbooks; a figure that has been estimated to be worth $72 million (35% of all front-of-shirt sponsorship). They are as follows:


  •         AFC Bournemouth – Dafabet – accepts crypto
  •         Aston Villa – BK8 – doesn’t accept crypto
  •         Brentford – Hollywoodbets – doesn’t accept crypto
  •         Burnley – W88 – doesn’t accept crypto
  •         Everton Stake.com – accepts crypto
  •         Fulham – Sbotop – doesn’t accept crypto
  •         West Ham United – Betway – doesn’t accept crypto

Benefits for Fans and Bettors

The main benefits fans and bettors can receive from betting on the Premier League with cryptocurrency have already been identified through increased security, privacy, anonymity, fairness, and transparency. However, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed when using crypto platforms linked to certain clubs in the top flight.

A form of cryptocurrency known as “fan tokens” was released in partnership with some clubs, allowing fans to spend money to feel more connected with the teams they follow. At the end of 2021, it was estimated that more than £262m ($350m) had been generated, as fans could get “real-world perks” once they had been bought. Rewards varied from things like voting or selecting songs to be played at the stadium on matchdays to buying merchandise and/or tickets.

Future Trends

With cryptocurrency‘s continued rise and its staying power now that more people have become more knowledgeable and educated about it, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw a rise in the relationship between clubs in the Premier League and crypto casinos. 

The league attracts global audiences in the several millions and has continually provided gambling companies with significant exposure. While there is a ban looming on front-of-shirt sponsorships for betting companies, sleeve patches and other types of advertising will still be relevant, which crypto casinos could look to exploit. 

If this were to happen, there could be an increase in crypto sports betting, thus changing the landscape of the activity in numerous ways. It could become the main way in which people decide to wager as they gain a full understanding and appreciation of how much safer it can potentially be for them compared to more traditional means.


Sports betting is already a huge industry, with the Premier League market one of the biggest. However, it could become even bigger and potentially better should crypto casinos become more prominent and understood.

The sports betting industry could potentially change, too, with some believing it could be more positive than negative. With all of the advantages that can be obtained, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we were to see more engage in this type of betting, nor would it be a shock if we saw other sports look to capitalize on sponsorships because of the money that could be generated, especially as many continue to seek new ways in which to increase their revenues and through new means that could prove to be profitable.

With the Premier League continuing to be a huge hit for the sports betting industry, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the future being bright.

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