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Was the Tom Werner Statement a Warning Shot to the Premier League

This past week, the Liverpool FC fanbase was shocked to hear that their current Chairman, Tom Werner, had stated that he hoped that one day Premier League matches would be undertaken abroad. The notion that New York could host Liverpool v Manchester United in the future, is probably something that will eventually materialise at some point in many years to come, however, that did not stop FSG head and Liverpool FC’s principal opener, John W. Henry, playing down speculation with a quick and straightforward retort.

My initial conclusion to the whole debacle was that an American businessman (Tom Werner) with a title and a strong interest in FSG, had spoken out of turn and more in line with what has transpired with American sports over the past two decades or so. I have never taken the 74-year-old New Yorker to be much more than a body that was able to fill the silent role of club Chairman, whilst other executives undertook the roles that actually ran the club.

This is something I would have also levelled at former Chelsea Chairman, Bruce Buck, for instance. I assumed the American Television Producer and Harvard University graduate, Werner, had surely spoken out of ignorance and his background in TV theatrics may have entered his thought process when questioned. My own thought process changed shortly thereafter, as I started to wonder if the statement (and very swift response from Henry) was a coordinated reminder to the Premier League, that they are only ever going to be as successful as its historical clubs within and that the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal, have the power to attract a global market wherever they play the game.

The 115 charges that have been attributed at the sports washing empire, Manchester City, took yet another turn just last week, as they themselves initiated bizarre proceedings to attempt and scupper the inevitable punishments that are headed their way. I do not believe in coincidences and I can see these close quarter occurrences being linked closer than anyone may have thought.

Why Would FSG Make Such Controversial Statements…?

When the infamous Super League emerged and fell away some years ago, it was a power grab attempt by Europe’s top clubs to engineer greater control and more royalties for themselves. It would have been a group of elite institutions that would audit one another and ensure sports washing and nefarious actions were not undertaken. That failed venture saw the reds owner, John W. Henry, immediately release an apology and FSG were fined for the attempt to overthrow the establishment.

Ultimately, I always saw that moment as a warning to UEFA and the Premier League, that moves could be made unless the relative houses were put in order. The Premier League investigation into Manchester City was ordered in the aftermath, as a way of appeasing the giants of the English game and as part of a truce between warring parties. As the hands of time wind down to a hearing and subsequent sanctions, a timely reminder may just have been delivered that once again raises the notion of clubs holding more power than the league itself. Various club owners will be demanding huge punishments be delivered to the Etihad group, or the reality is that a new break away Super League will find its way back to the table.

Though the FSG related comments may have well have been coincidental with City and their recent propaganda, I sense it was more of a declaration of intent before the biggest trial in English football history, one that could change the game forever.


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