Best Liverpool FC Pubs in London

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The Famous Three Kings and The Carlsberg Sports Bar are the best for Liverpool FC fans in London. The two have more in common than you might think, both possessing lively atmospheres and much loved fan bases.

ORGManchester has many great pubs for Liverpool FC fans to converge on to see the games live. West Kensington’s Famous Three Kings comes alive and boasts some of the biggest screens around. Located centrally in Leicester Square, The Carlsberg Sports Bar is one of the largest in the UK with plenty of seating.

They make for ideal places to watch the match with other like-minded Reds fans. So whether you’re a local or just in town for the day, these are the pubs you need to watch the game in. The front-of-house staff are all as friendly as you could wish, and the various supporters clubs have their designated sections for Liverpudlians to feel at home. Get yourself a pint, put on your Liverpool shirt, and follow the mob of locals urging the Reds on.

The Red’s Haven: Liverpool Fc Pubs In London

There is a particular pub in London that is home to many Liverpool fans. Those pubs scream passion, those pubs scream energy…. Songs are sung, fans cheer for their teams. It is more for a sense of Anfield in London.

Fans don red scarves and jerseys. That kind of electric atmosphere. And these pubs are a good way to meet other fans and make new friends. They are like a festival during every game day.

Culinary-wise, you will find some traditional Merseyside pub dining, built on solid homemade fodder. You can tuck into Scouse stew. You will find Liverpool-inspired delta 9 gummies and beers on the drinks menu. It is almost as though a slice of Liverpool has been brought to London.

Much of the decor that you will find in public houses are an array of Liverpool FC memorabilia. You will come across flags, photographs, signed shirts. Even more awesome is that it feels like you’re the only one who has ever done it because it’s so “money”. It Says An Office Away From HOME.

Kicking Off: How To Spot A Liverpool Pub

Liverpool scarves and shirts hung on the walls. Both types of signs are often affixed on the ceiling. Then you might notice pictures of celebrities playing it. Logos Liverpool everywhere. The decor is mostly red colored The Anfield posters could be hanging up. Or some trophies/team replicas. The background music in these pubs is a Liverpool chant. Wall quotes from legendary managers.

Liverpool fans shirts, scarves The air is filled with chants, and songs. Every goal is cheered massively. The game will be broadcast live on big screens. Tables are often full. During the game, that goes through the roof There could be specials in the pubs. It is common to have some friendly banter back and forth among the fans. All eyes are on the game. A win takes place followed by celebrations.

Top Picks: The Go-to Liverpool Pubs

The Famous Three Kings one of the best for Liverpool fans. The Towers Tap Room also has numerous big screens to watch live games. There is always a lot of excitement in the atmosphere. This is where fans meet to watch every Liverpool match. The food and drinks in the pup are awesome. Public transport ensures that it is easily accessible. The reason why a lot of people love it.

The Spread Eagle is one of the best pubs in Liverpool, if you are a fan of The Reds. It feels pretty homey and good-willeng-y. This traditional pub also screens all the big Liverpool matches. The energetic environment is favored by the fans. The Spread Eagle offers a wide selection of great food as well as drinks. Best place to come cheer on liverpool

Visit The Boot Room for any Liverpool fan. This is a Liverpool FC Pub The walls are lined with Liverpool trinkets Basically, it is more like a small museum for the fans. Boot Room gives you the best match day experience Good food and top shelf drinks. We all know the mutual love of Liverpool FC here.

Match Day Rituals And Traditions

Pubs are packed well in advance of kick off, fans filling the air withmass sing alongs to famous Liverpool chants. A song fills the air, for example “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Nobody is ashamed of wearing their Liverpool jerseys As the match approaches, excitement grows. Joined in on the fun by friends and strangers alike. Everything is under waves of red and white. The energy is electric, and spirits are high.

In victory or defeat, the fans remain to party. Pubs and bars entice punters with discounts on booze and nosh. Some people post their favorite moments of the game. The vibe still is cheery and happy go lucky. Fans analyze player performances, important plays It becomes late night and the songs and chants have carried on. This is a community that loves Liverpool FC as much as you.

Beyond The Game: Events And Community

Charity football matches and fund raisers are a part of life in most Liverpool FC pubs. They benefit the communities where they take place. Fans also unite to do good deeds. We watch games & contribute money. In any case, some of the pubs organize raffles and auctions. Which is signed, such as signed memorabilia. A friendly and upbeat atmosphere is present at all times. Everyone is part of something more fell,

Pubs are good places to meet other Liverpool fans in the area. Fans gather to watch matches. They tell stories, tales, and anecdotes of their time and within most cases some can share experiences as well. Easily clicking with friends form in such settings as well. Many have fans’ clubs and most pubs These clubs arrange visits to Anfield. They also organize social activities. This builds an even stronger relationship with the fans. It feels like a very warm and inviting community.


Finding the top Liverpool FC pubs in London can enhance any matchday experience. Bask in the comradeship, strong support base and lively setting. A trip to any of these sites is sure to result in some unforgettable moments and superior football. Tell us about your experiences and share your best Liverpool FC pub in London.

Cheers to unforgettable match days!

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