EURO 2024: Liverpool’s Dutch Duo Impress Whilst Others Struggle

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Analysing Liverpool Stars’ Performances at EURO 2024

In the latest episode of Anfield Index’s ‘Daily Red’ podcast, Dave Hendrick provided a detailed overview of Liverpool players’ outings at EURO 2024. As the tournament progresses, the performances of key players like Cody Gakpo, Virgil van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold come under the spotlight, revealing a mixed bag of results that every Liverpool fan and football analyst has been keen to dissect.

Liverpool’s Dutch Duo Shine

According to Dave Hendrick, the Netherlands’ representation from Liverpool has been notably positive. “Cody Gakpo and Virgil Van Dijk both played pretty well for the Netherlands,” Hendrick remarked. Highlighting Gakpo’s impact, Hendrick noted, “Gakpo scored a goal, although it did take a deflection, but we take it.” This indicates not just Gakpo’s readiness to seize moments, but also his evolving presence on the international stage, where every goal adds to a player’s confidence and stature.

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Virgil van Dijk’s performance was also praised. His composure and leadership at the back continue to be pivotal for the Dutch side, translating his club form onto the international scene seamlessly.

Trent’s Tactical Flexibility

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s role for England was a topic of some debate. Positioned unusually in midfield rather than his customary full-back slot, Trent delivered a performance that was, as Hendrick puts it, “okay.” The shift from defence to midfield is noteworthy and speaks volumes about his versatility and the trust the management places in his technical abilities. “He did play some really nice passes, could’ve perhaps been a bit more controlled in what he was doing and sometimes struggled with his back to the pressing opposition – but he was fine,” Hendrick explained. This adjustment is not without its challenges, and Trent’s adaptation to this new role was met with a fair amount of scrutiny.

Media’s Double Standards?

A point of contention raised by Hendrick was the media’s reaction to performances: “Far too much gets made of everything that Trent does, whilst Phil Foden and Harry Kane stink the place out and get no mention.” This critique of the disproportionate media spotlight and expectations placed on certain players, like Trent, compared to their peers, underscores an ongoing disparity in football commentary and fan reactions.

Photo: IMAGO

Overall Mixed Performances

Wrapping up the discussion, Hendrick gave a broad overview of other Liverpool players: “On the whole, it has been a mixed bag. Trent was okay, Robertson was just bad, Szoboszlai was okay, Virgil played well and so did Gakpo.” This summary encapsulates the fluctuating nature of international football, where players from the same club can experience varying degrees of success and challenges.

Hendrick also touched upon the larger implications of international performances, stating, “You can’t really take much from these games. If a player plays well at international level, it doesn’t mean that will translate to club football. Either way, it’s nice to see our players performing well.” This reflection is crucial as it highlights the unpredictable and often non-transferable nature of international form to club performances, reminding fans and pundits alike to manage expectations.

As EURO 2024 unfolds, the insights provided by Dave Hendrick on Liverpool players offer a glimpse into the broader narrative of their season and their potential contributions upon returning to club duty. While international tournaments are an excellent platform for player development and exposure, they also present a unique set of challenges and pressures. Liverpool’s stars have shown both promise and areas for improvement, setting the stage for an intriguing return to the upcoming club season.

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