AnfieldIndex PODCAST: Aftermath - The Support Group

AnfieldIndex PODCAST: Aftermath - The Support Group


Episode 24 Aftermath The Support Group

Date: 29th April, 2014

After the disappointment of Liverpool’s loss to Chelsea the AIPodcast was a little different this week. It had a bit of a support group feel to it. John Ritchie was back to host the show with guests Jan Gorski-Mescir, Graeme Kelly & Gags Tandon.

Only a few stats were shared this week as the group discussed the Chelsea game aftermath and what could now happen with the final two games remaining.

Discussion on Luis Suarez’s performance and how well Liverpool have done so far this season.

All this and more, it’s The AnfieldIndex Podcast.

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Host: John Ritchie

Guests: Gags Tandon, Jan Gorski-Mescir & Graeme Kelly.

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