Liverpool’s Owners Hold All The Cards Over Suarez

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And so it happened. Sanchez said no.

As ever in transfer windows, it’s not over until Sky Sources tell you. But it’s gone. As hard a pill as that is to swallow, Liverpool do seemed to have moved on.

So what now? Where do Liverpool turn next? Well, maybe that’s the wrong question.

Liverpool Owners

At this moment, as of 6pm on Tuesday the 8th of July to be precise, Suarez still plays for Liverpool. Do I expect him to be around at the start of the season? No. Do I expect Liverpool just to wave him goodbye and best of luck for his time at Barca? Yes and No.

Let’s start by adding some context, Liverpool still hold the trump card in this transfer. To blow a popular myth out of the window, you have to agree a payment structure before a player is sold. Rarely do clubs pay huge sums of money up front. We are rumoured to have demanded this in the case of Fernando Torres and Chelsea, after a few weeks of getting upset about the whole thing, reportedly gave in. Yet this is rare in football, it’s the exception, rather than the rule.

Look at Spurs for example, they’re widely believed to still be owed money from Real Madrid due to the sale of Luka Modric, whilst only on their second set of instalments for the sale of Gareth Bale who cost more than double the amount of enigmatic and exciting Croatian midfielder.

Therefore when people say ‘they’ve met the release clause’, that’s only true if the payment terms are satisfactory. If they come and say we’ll give you £75m over the next five years, then frankly it’s up to Liverpool whether they choose to accept such a scenario. Liverpool, or to narrow the focus, ever so slightly, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), whilst vulnerable to the buyout clause, still hold the balance of power; with Sanchez rejecting the soothing tones of Brendan Rodgers, there will be men in Catalunya wiping beads of sweat from their foreheads which have nothing to do with the summer temperature.

Barcelona’s challenge is how they now fund this deal. A quick analysis does suggest that £75m, if FSG demand a large sum up front, could well become a significant stumbling block for one of the biggest clubs in world football. These clubs can and do finds ways, but you’re talking about the third most expensive signing in history, this is not small change. It’s a problem that could become insurmountable.

For fans worrying that Liverpool are the victim of a crushing swoop from Barcelona, you have to frame that in the context of the money on the table. Brendan Rodgers once said if he had £150m he could fix Liverpool’s problems in one go. Of course such a comment should be taken in the humorous context it’s meant but it makes you think of the sheer scale spending FSG could authorise this summer.

Equally, you need to remember, that as a club we’re unlikely to bend to all of Barcelona’s wishes, acting like the small club we did throughout both the 90s and all the way up to way up to selling Mascherano. FSG will not be taken for a ride, these are people who whilst far from the sinners we’ve had in the past, are no saints when it comes to business.

Last season should have told you as much in the treatment of Arsenal; with John W Henry publicly mocking the club without apology or reserve, you should realise by now that this man isn’t afraid to play hardball if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’s prepared to be ruthless. The departures from the dugout of Kenny Dalglish – and to a far lesser extent Roy Hodgson – should tell you this is not a man to cross, when Suarez does go, it’ll be the right deal for Liverpool. Don’t doubt that for a second.

The challenges for FSG, Brendan Rodgers and the recruitment team is to now find a way to make us a better team capable of winning the title. Emre Can’s comments about coming to a team capable of winning the Premier League gives a small, yet significant insight into the recruitment spiel coming from Liverpool this summer ‘Come and help us win the title’ as opposed to the previous seasons where we’ve held out the begging bowl, asking for players to push us into the Europa League and if by some miracle the Champions League.

Whatever happens, this summer will define the club’s progress for the next three to five years with what we’re spending. This window is probably the most profound one in years. But know something, we mean business this summer, as much as we’re losing our best player, we’re not, unlike the last twenty years suggest, about to sell our soul in the process.

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    • Agree. I also thing that we don’t need to sell him cheaply. He hasn’t asked for a move, though he will want this one, to protect his sell on fee, but more importantly, Barca now really need him after Neymar’s back injury. I’m not sure how long he’s going to be out for, but a fractured spine could be longer than Suarez’s ban. But, what happened to Barca’s ban on buying players following the dodgy Neymar deal? has this been overturned?

  1. Super article. Barca should just put up or shut up.
    They should have known this going in…and now they have to pay the price.
    Barca could also demand similar upfront cash from Arsenal for Sanchez to mitigate the Suarez purchase.
    This would have a knock-on effect on Arsenal’s capability in making further signings this summer.

    • The reality is that he will be gone. If not now, then later with all the accompanying circus hoopla and ill repute reflected on us. Do you really want that?

      He wants to go. That is clear. We should let him go. But on OUR terms. Not his. Not Barca’s. End of.

    • dont be silly, Arsenal have 150 million cash reserve and barca still owe them money from the song and cesc transfers. it makes no difference to Arsenal how they pay

    • Agree. FSG should just put up or shut up.

      If they can’t top-up with monies from the Fabergas sale plus the impending Sanchez sale, then they have no business trying
      to acquire Suarez.

  2. Just sell suarez on our term. He bits someone every season to bail himself out of his newly signed contract. LIVERPOOL does not need to put up with this nonsense every end of season.

  3. Just get rid, were sick of it all now, he obviously wants to go, NO ONE PLAYER BIGGER THAN LFC..MOVE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nothing less than 70mil, his a great player, just troubled but that does not mean he does not perform. If Liverpool get to keep him he will be a great asset provided he “plays ball”. Rodgers should be looking at more quality players to replace him if it comes to that, i was deeply upset about Shaqiri move no longer happening and even more so over the Sanchez move to Arsenal. Liverpool needs more quality to take on ManCity next season.

  5. Can you just imagine the chaos it would cause if you had to pay the full amount as cash only and not on the drip ?

    If clubs buy on a ‘structured basis’ the seller could charge an interest rate, as the player is not their property until the whole
    fee has been paid ?

  6. Excellent article and to all saying that the club should rush in selling because they’ve had enough already, sorry guys a business is not run in such a way and unless you’ve been living in cuckoo land you know that clubs are big business. Why do you think that people like FSG invest in clubs, as the author said lfc hold all the cards even if the player had to ask for a transfer it won’t change a thing don’t forget that he signed a new contract in December. The only way he can go is if Barcelona or any other foreign club meet the release clause. Now if the clause doesn’t stipulate how it can be paid, it means that once again Liverpool have screwed his agent once more. This is the same guy who advised Arsenal that anything above 40m would be enough last year.

  7. You know what would be sick and awesome. If barca sell off sanchez, then liverpool say fuck off we wont sell suarez now because you arent willing to pay up.

    Lolol seriously can barca go one year without any major silverware or signings? Can they have a down year like the rest of the world? I think that if they just spend spend spend it might hurt them in the end. But for liverpool we must do whats best for the club indeed. Suarez will be upset and mad if he doesnt get sold to barca but i dont think that it will stop him from playing and wanting to win at all costs

  8. Great article … I wrote a comment earlier this month where I said #LFC hold the ace this time around and my comment totally ties in with your write up. No cash, Luis Suarez stays and sweat it out…..

  9. Sadly its time for Suarez to leave our great club. No player is bigger than LFC. Liverpool fans have gave their hearts and soles to Suarez. He has not repaid that loyalty. Good buy and good luck.

    • Agree with u John.

      LFC is the best club in the world. Lot of history, loyal fan and have a great stadium, ANFIELD – the game just started after YNWA :-). Nobody is bigger than LFC.

      I always pray for Suarez to stay because it will become our legend like Ian Rush, King Dalglish but… 🙁

      Anyway good luck for Suarez even you leave us (probably to Barca) you already prove to us that Liverpool are the strong contender for last season (nobody expect). Your commitment to LFC last season we never forget. We smile, we crying until the end…


  10. Fantastic article. The fact is the guy is going to leave. We must just make sure that we get the right price for him and spend that money on quality players.

  11. We hold the aces, neymer might not come back for a long time, to me this means he’s even more valuable and FSG ain’t no fools, like the author said LFC will get the better deal

  12. Please write your opinion but surely we are losing unnecessarily time.
    FSG almost mathematically and scientifically) knows what to do with Mr. Louis Suarez.
    If Barcelona with the new president and coach wants to find a new credibility can buy Luis Suarez in January and the real value is £120ml or £75ml more Sanchez
    Everything else has no value but we also respect the DOG SHIT !!


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