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Liverpool’s Set Play Strategy: Echoes of a Title-Winning Season In a recent discussion on the Anfield Index podcast, the conversation between contributors, notably Hamzah and Phil, delved into Liverpool’s performance that bore a striking resemblance to their title-winning form, particularly in their execution of set plays. “In some elements, it reminded me of the title-winning […]

Anfield Index’s Under Pressure Podcast – Toulouse and Brentford Analysis from the Original and Best LFC Stats Show Dan Kennett hosts the sports science duo of Dr Phil Barter and Simon Brundish for the double header of Toulouse and Brentford. The lads discuss: Europa selection, rotation and injuries What does the half-time triple sub tell […]

AI Under Pressure: Fairytale Endings Rhodesy is away so Dan Kennett hosts the sports science duo of Phil Barter and Simon brundish for the double header against Bournemouth and Luton. The lads discuss: Bournemouth team selection!! Key stats and numbers Impacts for Luton game Luton team selection and gameplan Dominant match stats. Reason why the […]

The Genius of Mohamed Salah and the Nottingham Forest Analysis Football, a game of strategy and skill, often hinges on moments of transition. As Simon Brundish insightfully pointed out, “If you look at the transitions where they’re occurring from, they’re all right in the middle of the pitch.” This central focus has been a game-changer […]

AI Under Pressure: Normalcy Barts is away but Dan Kennett hosts Simon Brundish and Daniel Rhodes to analyse the two wins over Toulouse and Nottingham Forest. On the most positive pod of the season so far, the lads discuss: Toulouse rotation, the “Europa XI” Grav love Endo goalscoring stats Jota surprise and reminiscing on the […]

AI Under Pressure: Reliance Rhodesy is away but Darth hosts the sports science duo of Barts and Si to review the Derby win over Everton. The lads discuss: LFC selection, impact of international break and 1230 kickoff Everton tactics and gameplan. How did LFC manage to get so many transition situations? Key match stats and […]

The Delicate Balance of Player Rotation and Winning Strategies In the realm of football, the balance between science and player management and the imperative to secure wins is a delicate one. Simon Brundish elucidates, “if you just use science players would play about 10% less than they currently do to be as fresh as possible.” […]

The whole crew are re-united for the double header against Union and Brighton. Darth hosts Rhodesy, Si and Barts and the lads discuss: Union SG Rotation and selection Match statistical summary Gravenberch and Quansah analysis Why Fulham were surprised we went for Elliott Brighton Lineups and detailed match stats. a 50/50 game? Brighton heavily impacted […]

Unraveling the Controversy In a recent episode of “Under Pressure” post Spurs, hosted by the Anfield Index, a change of format was humorously suggested, with a proposed discussion about the Ryder Cup for an hour and a half. However, the real topic of the day was football, and the emotions it stirred among fans and […]

Deep Dive into Stats against West Ham Liverpool’s journey in the Premier League has been a subject of extensive analysis and discussion. In a detailed conversation between Simon Brundish, Phil Barter, and Dan Kennett from Anfield Index, the trio delves deep into the stats and strategies that unfolded during Liverpool’s games against Lask and West […]

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