The Terminator vs. Merc with the Mouth

The Terminator vs. Merc with the Mouth
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Before I start I know a lot of people think Deadpool can’t be killed. While I’ve heard this before it’s just not true. You’ve seen the death of Wolverine recently in comics and if you know anything about comic books anyone is fair game. I wanted to start with this caveat because I wanted everything on the table. This doesn’t mean Deathstroke wins this match it just means that any outcome is possible. On that note…

I’ll start with the Merc with the Mouth, Mr. Wade Winston Wilson aka Deadpool. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza as a direct rip-off of Deathstroke (well known fact). Making his first appearance in New Mutants #98 as an inside joke to both writer and artist (because of his similarity to Deathstroke) he is a disfigured mercenary with incredible fighting skill. Deadpool’s background story is presented as vague and always subject to change but he is professed to be Canadian, joining the Weapon X program after being kicked out of the US Army Special Forces (the very same Weapon X program as Wolverine himself), has an artificial healing factor that is on par with Wolverine but he also has some crazy background stories as well. At one point Loki, yes Thor’s Loki, claimed to be his father!! Deadpool’s background is quite the mystery which is one aspect why fans are so drawn to him.

Many fans get Deadpool the character very confused and make assumptions about him. You would think a mercenary would act just that right? Well strangely enough he’s never cashed any checks he’s gotten for any of his jobs. Moral wise he’s not what you’d expect. His sexual orientation is pan sexual. Basically not to get to deep, his sexual orientation is subject to change depending on what his brain tells him in that moment. He’s no sex and all sex, very impulsive.

Deadpool has quite the array of talent fighting wise. His accelerated healing factor works similar to Wolverine’s but has some side effects. It also causes psychosis and mental instability. This makes him such a tough opponent because he is unpredictable in battle. He is immune to disease or sickness. Taskmaster, one of Deadpool’s longtime enemy’s has a photo reflexive memory which allows him to copy anyone’s fighting skills, but can’t Deadpool’s because of the unpredictability. The biggest difference between Wolverine and Deadpool’s healing factor is that both can be killed but Deadpool will never stay dead. You might ask how because that’s impossible. This is the key, Thanos cursed him with the words, “consider yourself cursed…with life” out of jealousy over a woman. Thanos placed a spell of the necromancy on Deadpool, so he can be killed, he just won’t stay dead forever.

His accelerated healing powers also effect his brain. Neurons that die in all humans or mutants rejuvenate with Deadpool. Cut off his head and it can grow back or reattach but only if reattached somehow. It also makes him immune to psychic and telepathic powers. At the time he got these abilities he had cancer and the healing ability got into the good cells as well as the cancerous cells giving him his scarred appearance. He can be affected by some drugs, toxins or poisons it would just have to be in large doses.

Deadpool is a highly trained assassin adept in multiple martial arts (unknown) and an expert swordsman/marksman. He has superhuman levels of stamina, agility and reaction time. While stronger than any human he does not posses superhuman level strength. Deadpool uses any brand of sword/knife/blade and any kind of gun imaginable. He has a magic “bag” or sorts which gives him unlimited ammo and has his own teleportation device (little known fact). He is also multilingual and speaks fluent German, Spanish and Japanese.

Now on to his carbon copy and most equal opponent, Slade Joseph Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez he made his first appearance in New Teen Titans #2. He is also a mercenary and assassin who once defeated Batman and the entire Justice League of America among others (seriously look it up). Not someone to be taken lightly!! I think his inclusion is appropriate as well considering he is going to have an appearance in the new Batman movie.

Slade Wilson was 16 years old when he enlisted in the US Army, lying about his age. After serving in Korea, he returned home eventually being promoted to a rank of Major. In the 1960’s he was befriended by Captain Adeline Kane who ran a program for gifted soldiers taking place in Vietnam. She fell in love with Slade and realized how special a soldier he really was. She taught him private lessons and quickly he became a master in every fighting style ( yes every one!!) He later married Captain Kane and had his first daughter with her (not to be confused with his other daughter from a different relationship one Ravager, Rose Wilson). After being shipped to Vietnam and seeing tragedies that sickened him, he returned home and was chosen for a secret Government experiment. The Army imbued him with enhanced physical powers in an attempt to create human super soldiers. After having problems taking orders anymore he became a mercenary, he would go on missions behind his family’s back, and one said mission would lead to him being shot in the right eye and losing his eye sight. Adeline would be the culprit for him losing the eye after a rescue mission for their son went awry and she shot him!! Not long after he decided to leave family life behind and become Deathstroke.

Deathstroke has amazing abilities just like his counterpart Deadpool. Slade has a unique physiology due to receiving the serum. His physiology was changed permanently and crippled his mind and body. The procedure to rebuilt him changed his physical and mental properties and made him a superhuman. His enhanced intellect allows him to think 9 times faster than any human. He can memorize anything perfectly and his mind is virtually like a computer where it has storage capacity of unlimited ability. His brain can work out a battle problem-solving wise and strategic wise instantly. His mind works like no other. His reflexes are so good he can dodge bullets and fight multiple assailants. He instantly recognizes fear. He’s able to run at speeds in excess of 60mph and attack faster than the eye can follow. Deathstroke’s stamina is to a point where he can exert full capacity for several days and has limitless pain tolerance, willpower, endurance, tenacity and lung capacity. His entire muscular system was enhanced by the experiment making him stronger and durable than any human alive. He can bench press 1 ton!! He can cut through a car with his sword and catch a bullet with his teeth. His agility is 3 times that of a normal human, he can perform any gymnastic stunt and has perfect equilibrium. He actually has a sixth sense which, like Spider-Man, allows him to sense danger before it comes. His sense of smell, hearing and vision are enhanced because of the serum. His healing factor is he can regenerate damaged or destroyed body tissue where gun shot wounds or knife wounds heal in minutes. Like Deadpool he is immune to toxins and functionally immortal. Meaning he can be killed but will ‘awaken” eventually fully healed.

Slade is a master of swords and was once called the World’s greatest tactician ( better than Batman!!!) by Green Arrow, which says it all really. Trained in the ways of the Ninja, he also knows every combat known to man! Nobody else can claim that. A marksman better than Green Arrow himself (again claimed by Green Arrow himself).

His suit is made of a metal called Nth from the planet Thanagar, famed for the Rann-Thanagar wars, it can keep a man alive in any temperature and nothing penetrates it!! Impressive!

When writing this I thought most people knew about Deadpool and not very much about Deathstroke. This is a battle that’s very even, and while Deadpool is a VERY formidable foe I believe Deathstroke wins the battle. His Promethium Sword ( same metal Cyborg is made of) and Energy Lance combined with what I talked about is enough to defeat Deadpool. This battle could go either way but many of Deadpools tricks won’t work against Slade. They’re evenly matched battle wise but Deadpool usually can annoy his foe’s into defeat. With Deathstroke he can not! Maybe one of the best battles I could think of, this really could go either way but today while I’m writing this I’m leaning towards Deathstroke.

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