Am I Miz-ing something?

Am I Miz-ing something?
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The Talking Smack segment post-Smackdown just over a week ago really got tongues wagging. The ‘exchange’ between The Miz and Daniel Bryan had some wondering if it was a shoot or a work. For the record, it was unquestionably a work for me, albeit a very good one.

I openly admit that I’ve never been a fan of Miz, his character, in-ring work and the majority of his promos just do nothing for me. I find him boring and usually reach for the fast-forward button when he appears on screen.

What I will say is that his work in and out of the ring this year has been better, particularly his promo delivery. Having his very attractive wife by his side has helped, it has given his character an extra dimension. I still find his matches to be a remedy for insomnia, but his promo delivery has really improved and that takes us nicely to Talking Smack; his delivery in that ‘shoot-style’ promo was excellent.

I would so far as to say the way he delivered that promo was reminiscent of classic NWA Ric Flair and credit should go to whoever the words came from, whether that was a script from the writers, from his own mind or a mix of the two. However, as good as the content of his promo was, the delivery was even better because it had an authentic feel to it; dare I say it was better acting than anything you’d see in the crappy movies he’s filmed.

Having Daniel Bryan walk off set during that promo was an odd thing and goes against the Bryan character. Another issue I have is that WWE have gone to these ‘shoot’ promos a little too often. The CM Punk one was a genuine game-changer that altered the course of the company, it felt real and really grabbed attention. They tried to replicate it with Cesaro, Damien Sandow and now with Miz. Admittedly, Miz did it far better than Cesaro and Sandow, but there was a lot of genuine thoughts being poured out by Punk in his whereas the others have been for storylines. That moves me onto my final point on this, I questioned that as good as the Miz promo was, unless it was a lead to something big, what was the¬†point?

The confrontation was with Daniel Bryan and we know that due to the serious brain injuries, there is no way Bryan can make a comeback. So what can their confrontation lead to? What can that much talked about segment lead to? What will that promo set up?

Dolph Ziggler.

Yep, Daniel Bryan looks weak by storming off screen and Miz delivers the promo of his career for a feud with Dolph Ziggler.

Really? Really? Really? ……ok, too much, but is that really what that promo was for? A feud with arguably the only guy booked worse than Bray Wyatt. Ziggler has been booked into apathy; to the point that his character has turned into some kind of HBK tribute. It’s a shame, but other than a couple of very good promos, his challenge to Dean Ambrose’s WWE title was unconvincing, so hardly elevates the Intercontinental title.

Miz, for his part, did a good job of highlighting the title during that Talking Smack segment, but I don’t feel like he really elevates the belt. He’s long called himself “must see”, but I find him quite the opposite, even after that promo. I know a lot of people are really high on him and to a degree, I can understand their viewpoint – at least with how he has recently delivered his promos. The delivery is good, what he is saying, not always the case. His in-ring work still underwhelms me and let me just say that I don’t expect, nor do I want see, guys risking life and limb in spot-fest matches. I just find his matches fairly dull and functional. Yes, he’s improved, but he still doesn’t do it for me; sorry, but am I missing something?

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