“Me being me, I went into the dressing room and said sorry to them all,” said Lallana, him being him. “That’s the way I felt. I put my hands up. To not hit the target… It was a chance I should have hit the target with and probably should have scored. I felt if we got the second, we would have put the game to bed. I apologised for not hitting the target but the lads were fine. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? They happen sometimes. It was a good point but I’m so disappointed not to score it because it could have been the difference.”

Well, we can say without fear of contradiction that Lallana certainly established the target had remained un-hit but the sincerity of the abject apology is probably a tad diminished when he refers to missing a tap-in as “one of those things” that “happen sometimes.” At any rate, the lines of communication are open at Anfield and this will hopefully contribute to the ARRIVAL of Champions League football next season because Liverpool are becoming ALIENated from the very top tier of European football.

Look, I’m not even sorry. See you tomorrow, for more of the usual nonsense.