Liverpool FC Follows the Spirit of the Age

Liverpool FC Follows the Spirit of the Age

In all likelihood, there probably aren’t many people who doubt that electronic sports will play a crucial part in the development of the modern entertainment industry. It will probably influence other sectors as well. While it is too soon to tell what the future of sports will look like, there is no reason why traditional disciplines couldn’t take advantage of new trends and sentiments.

Above all, expansion projects based on the concept of electronic sports might be the chance for smaller clubs to increase their brand awareness among supporters around the world. But big and established organizations have to look at all the options as well. Liverpool F.C., having dedicated fans across the planet, does not have the luxury to treat this matter lightly. It’s a good thing that officials at Merseyside seem to be aware of this.

With the appointment of Peter Moore as the new CEO, last year came a lot of expectations and strong conviction he would be what the club needs. Commentators loved that he had been a long-term fan of The Reds. And regarding future development, his professional background was something to be excited about as well, which will heavily rely on eSports-related ideas. After all, who if not a former COO of Electronic Arts gaming company should know better about what modern technologies in entertainment mean for people and how to take advantage of new solutions. The Champions of eSports informative website presents encouraging statistics about the significant and undeniable potential of the whole industry.

Within the Liverpool organization, all the possibilities for brand expansion especially didn’t fall on deaf ears. On May 23 at the Leaders Sport Business Summit 2018 in New York, Peter Moore talked about engaging communities and reaching to even more supporters around the world. The charismatic CEO, who is incidentally quite active on social media and quite accessible to fans, believes that the new technology platform is the way to go. Its development is made possible with the help of Oracle and IBM, among other things. The game is worth the hassle as the estimates report 771 million people identifying with the club in one way or another as well as a television audience of 440 million.

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