The Influence of Social Media on Football Gambling: Trends and Insights

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Social media has played an integral role in so many areas of football. It helps to fuel transfer hysteria, great goals go viral, injury news spreads quickly, and the latest stories within the top leagues spread like wildfire across the internet, given how interconnected the world is with mobile phones.

Coincidentally, most of this information is what also drives the gambling market. Suppose a key player is injured or a player makes a big money move to another club. In that case, this completely turns the gambling market on its head – and exploring these trends and insights is imperative if you weigh up all the components before you place your football bet.

How Social Media Fuels Speculation

Football gambling is one of the most impacted sports markets because of social media. Due to its immense popularity, it is a market where world news can travel quickly, which drives the market in either direction. It’s not just news websites like Twitter that can have such a profound impact, though; plenty of other social media websites and apps have helped clear the way for gambling markets to continue their vast expansion. Twitch is one social media site that has determined the trajectory of one of the most exciting new sports markets.

It has been pivotal in providing a foundation for professional video gamers to stream games and stream themselves playing games online, acting as a subscription streaming service. While there are similar platforms to Twitch, the company has become the leading name in streaming live games and has several affiliates within the streaming and eSports world. Elite professional video game tournaments occur in front of thousands live, with millions watching online. The scope and scale of these tournaments are challenging to comprehend if you’re not well-versed in how video games operate.

Due to the size of these tournaments, and the multi-million dollar prizes on offer, there’s also a surprisingly varied and comprehensive gambling market where you can bet on individual eSports games or tournaments. Social media helps to drive these markets as people discuss the live streams, Twitter is one site that drives the news, and the gambling markets react accordingly. You can visit to place your bet on eSports games and explore the incredible range of games on offer. In addition, there’s more variety in eSports gambling markets. Instead of just a handful of games, as you could a few years ago, you can find over a dozen markets to explore and place your bet, and the gambling market continues to expand.

How Big Is The Impact?

Football gambling companies are smart, and they rarely get their prices wrong. Although many people can drive the price up and down by placing large bets, betting companies are wary about setting a fair price for themselves and their customers so that they aren’t on the receiving end of a significant loss and so that they’re able to stay competitive and on a level playing field with their competition.

The biggest challenge for those looking to place a football bet based on the information they come across on social media is sifting through the rumor mill and the gossip. For example, there were rumors last summer that Sadio Mane would be signing for Bayern Munich, and the price was roughly around 3/1. Over the week, and as the story developed, the odds dropped dramatically; a few days later, the signing was unveiled.

However, those who identified the solid sources from the weaker ones and those who took a wise bet and weighed up the likelihood that Mane would be moving to Germany would have seen their bet pay out just a few weeks later. So social media is something that can genuinely help facilitate this market. After just twelve months in Munich, it looks like Mane is out the door again and surplus to requirements, and many football bettors are exploring the same avenues and sources to try and get an idea of where he will be plying his trade next year, with Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr – the current home of footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

With the Saudi League starting to sign some world-renowned talent and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson the next in line, there’ll be a lot of social media rumors this summer about who the next big name is to join the Saudi Pro League. If you can get your information from reputable sources and place a calculated bet, you can leverage the information to your advantage.

Final Words

Finding a balance is critical, so those who use social media as a foundation for football bets shouldn’t overly rely on websites like Twitter and Instagram. As we have established today, these websites can help you, but it’s challenging to sift through such a mound of information, opinion, and rumor mill. Weighing up other sources, doing your own research, and understanding that your bet isn’t guaranteed to win, regardless of how much time you spend researching, are other variables that make up the strategy of a competent gambler.

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